My first successful attemt at profiling this monster amplifier, and I don’t know if my particular rendition of the amp is in need of servicing or is just weird, but I had to use some rather unusual settings to get this to fly with my 7-string in dropped A tuning. So think: “how to get this chain tight without the use of boosts”. Expect something different.
I put a Green Scream in there for the extra “forwards”, but this is surely tight enough without.
Uses: Sludge through tech-Death?
Amp: Mesa Engineering Triple Rectifier Solo Head “Blackface” Revision G (1994 – #003482)
Cab: Bogner Uberkab 412 (pre 2009) – Celestion V30
Mic: Audio Technica ATM250DE through Rascal Audio Two-V (500-series)
Profile is merged, so it contains discreet direct and cabinet programs.