Hey guys! Here’s my free tone of the week – a Fuzzrocious Cat driving a Fulltone OCD through a Marshall JCM800 and Orange 4×12.
This was a really fun tone, and weirdly – it’s a pedal combination I haven’t used before. I set the OCD as the main distortion, bright and detailed sitting somewhere between mid and high gain. The Fuzzrocious Cat (a Rat style pedal) was acting as an overdrive but instead of pushing and tightening the midrange like a Tubescreamer or Klon style pedal, it was reinforced the low and high end, solidifying the tone while adding a grinding gritty top end.
The pedals were running through a Marshall JCM800 into an Orange 4×12, miked up using a Royer R121 and Shure SM57 with Great River preamps.
You can get it from here or click the attachment in the post bobcoopertones.com