I added some Marshall 8100 profiles with SM57 and Engl 2×12″ cab Feel free to check them out in Rig Exchange!JU – 8100/CleanYour standard Marshall clean sound with a bit of its built-in reverb, which isn’t too bad for a 100 euro amp JU – 8100/JesterRaceAww yiss! I got fairly close to the classic In Flames album The Jester Race. It was allegedly recorded with the 8100 and possibly Boss DS-1. Since I don’t have the DS-1, I used my HM-2 instead. Sounds quite close though!JU – 8100/DistDeath to all butt metal! *ahem* Should be fairly close to the on-average sound Chuck had No specific album in mind though.JU – 8100/HM2Xtreme
I tried to capture the essence of the coveted Sunlight sound with the HM-2 obviously, but unfortunately the Kemper doesn’t allow me to record the perfect tone I was able to get, as it has too much hiss and noise. I’ll need to try again with a Noise Gate pedal, but for now this is as much gain as you can muster! Still plenty for Dismember, Entombed, etc.
Have fun