Hey all, I’m new to Kemper but not new enough that I havent spent hours over the last 3 weeks trying to find a good SRV Tone…primarily Pride and Joy type sound. I don’t yet have a profile to attatch here (I will learn how upon request) but let me just tell you my settings as it is quite easy. First of all, I am using an American Strat with Dimarzio Area pups which are close in sound to the stock pups but without the hum. Best sounding on neck pup. I started with the Michael Britt C Ton SRV 5 S which is part of his free pack which I downloaded from the Kemper support>Rig packs. I pushed gain to 4.3. I pushed Bass to +.8, treble to + .5, presence to +.4. Under Amplifier settings I bumped Definition to 7.0 and left everything else the same. I have had no luck using the Green Scream so for my lead tone (using the morph function) I simply raised gain and volume. Let me know what you think and also let me know of other SRV tones to try out. Thank you!