Hi guys,
I have done a complete profiles pack of the legendary Pignose 7-100 Amp. Not only Frank Zappa did know how to get usable tones out of that tiny little “fuzz box with a speaker”. From back in the 1970s until today the Pignose was and is used in studio and live performances by the pros. Why? Because it has some unique and simple great tones!
You get 18 profiles of a Pignose 7-100 Special Tweed Edition – 11 studio profiles, 4 special FX profiles and 3 direct amp profiles (of the preamp-out, with speaker still connected in the profiling process).
The profiles were taken in a special treated room with a Shure SM57. There is a sweet spot with the casing of the amp opened up a bit. Regarding the micing, the goal was to reduce some of the fizz and boxyness of the 5″ speaker and capture a more full, rich and “pro” sounding tone – without losing the authentic feel of playing a Pignosse in the room. More fuzz then fizz
On this particular amp I have done a speaker out mod. But honestly it sounds the most authentic with the small 5″ speaker, when miced properly. You can try the direct amp profiles with your own Kemper cabs to get an idea, how it sounds with bigger cabinets (maybe you need to adjust the definition setting). The preamp-out signal of the Pignose was often used in the studio – direct to the recording console. Experiment with it!
On the original amp it is quite common to turn volume up on the amp, then back down volume on the guitar until you get a nice clean or crunch tone. Try this with the profiles too!
The main EQ is on 12 o’clock on most of the rigs – don’t hesitate to adjust to your need and liking. Also use “definition” to further adapt to the guitar used.
I had a lot of fun doing that pack! So if you want some tones from unique clean to psychedelic overdrive to stoner overkill – download the fuzz for free here:Amporium – Pignose Pack
And please tell me, if you like them (or not )!!