I decided to spend the day capturing the ultimate Peavey 6505 to Mesa Rectifier cab profile.
The 6505 is my most used metal amp in the studio so I wanted to create a profile that would sound perfect in a final mix.
The chain is TS808 Tube Screamer to 6505 to Rectifier cab.
Mics are sm57 and vintage MD421, placed by sending pink noise to the amp and getting the mics completely in phase.
Mics then go to 2 channels of Aurora Audio GTQ mic pres.
Once I got the mix of the 2 mics I wanted, I added a Sonnox EQ to make 2 small cuts at 260Hz and 2.5KHz before the summed signal was returned to the kemper.
Once I had captured the studio profile, I made a direct profile using BSS AR133 DI box to Focusrite ISA828.
So this profile is a proper merged profile meaning you can have a clean DI to a cab on stage and the full rig to front of house with no compromise.
I have gate on slot A and high and low pass EQ on slot X.
Refined with PRS Custom 24 with Duncan SH11 from Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt to Radial JCR Reamp box with pre recorded DI track that works great for refining.
Please comment on how this profile works for you.
(and if you want to really say thanks, buy a pack on my web store)kemper-amps.com/forum/index.ph…a1c34e0eb8adb01673f1ed3ca