Here is my routine to take any profile to lead tone :

back up definition , reduce clarity , add a delay ( own preset ) , tap to song tempo, double the verb length ( from 4 /5 to 10 /12 ). Most often there is also an hint of vintage chorus ( much better for the whole mix) .

I often add a parked wah ( in mid or high freq boost depending on the mix ) or use the wah normally.

I also setup my real fuzz / boost in front with a similar setup like the Lead booster, but with a hint of dist / fuzz. I also try to double or harmonize my leads with two takes , sometimes an octave or 3rd / 5th above.

This is how my leads profiles are made & stored in perf mode. The whole approach is similar to 80’s analog racks ( that I never owned !) , much more simple now

lead example on one of my rock track : here , from 2:30