Aren’t too many Soldano Hotrod profiles in the rig exchange. This is one of the higher gain ones, by my reckoning.

More profiling experimentation, so feedback would be appreciated. I really do like this one, you should try it and give me whatever feedback is necessary.

Rig is called Soldano Hotrod Gvnr 4×12. There’s a version B where I maxed out the definition like most profilers do, but I prefer the regular version personally, more of a doom-ish sound that I like in high gain.

I won’t do a clip for this one, hoping someone like
can assist and give feedback at the same time.

Edit: yikes, this is an Evnger 50, not a Hotrod. Will rename the rigs later. Right now they are erroneously named as Hotrod clips. Zzzz.