This Kitty Hawk Junior combo amp has been my very first amp. I bought it back in 1984 or so, where I traded in my Korg Polysix for this amp and a Fender Stratocaster.
There are six profiles in total, covering both the Overdrive (“*Ovr*” profiles) and the Normal (“*Nrm*” profiles) input and a Vintage 30 and a Creamback speaker in my Mesa Rectifier 4×12. The cab got miced with an SM57 at the edge of the speaker cap which then went into a BAE 1073 MP preamp.

Two settings of the (preamp) volume knob have been profiled (Ovr7 and Ovr10), because the amp’s tone changes quite a bit when you turn down the preamp volume. It not only gets cleaner, it also gets brighter. All tone controls where at 10 and the Bright and Ultra High switches were both off, because they produce some ugly sounding highs. The Fat switch has been on.

The profile can be found on the Rig Exchange:
Names of the Overdrive profiles: “RiF-KittyJr Ovr7 V30” (my favorite of the pack), “RiF-KittyJr Ovr10 V30”, “RiF-KittyJr Ovr7 CrBk”, “RiF-KittyJr Ovr10 CrBk”
Names of the Normal profiles: “RiF-KittyJr Nrm10 V30″ (my 2nd favority), RiF-KittyJr Nrm10 CrBk”
Author: “RiF”

All FX blocks are fillled with things that I find useful. Noise Gate, Tube Screamer, Bigmuff and EQ in the stomp section. EQ, subtle Chorus, Delay and Reverb in the FX section.
If you want the amp to sound even more “vintage”, try turning down the Definition knob in the Amp-section a bit. I kept everything untouched to keep the original character of the amp.

Please let me know what you think about these profiles.

Here are some sample clips. Unless it says “Les Paul” in the name, all clips where recorded with a Fender Standard Stratocaster with the neck-pickup and sometimes switched to the bridge pickup (all stock). My Les Paul Standard has a Duncan JB in the bridge position.

And some photos of the gear used: