So the other day I found out that the way Big Country got those soaring leads was by using an MXR Pitch Transposer (along with chorus/reverb/etc).

The Kemper has a pitch transposer, so I threw together this new profile. I’ve been playing along with Big Country tracks on mp3 and youtube for several days and believe it or not, this profile sounds very similar to what I hear on the recordings when played in context. By itself it’s sort of nasty lol

I’ve uploaded the profile to the rig exchange, just look for Big Country, it’s the only one there, which automatically makes it the best Big Country rig on the exchange!

Probably the gain and the delay mix need to be dialed back but play along with some Big Country tunes and you may be surprised. Be sure to roll back your guitar volume for the rhythm parts, this profile seems to get you there through the whole tune.

Let me know what you think!