And they sound and play killer. I used Cubase and a motu AVB Ultralite audio interface and had no issue making them sound good . I’ve found that the key is in what kind of reference profile you use and how much gain is on that reference profile . I’m going to make a quick video showing off the tones today and then you guys can have them .

If I can get a few new new subscriptions and or likes , I will continue to give away free presets every week , as I work on new presets many hours a week and am building quite a collection. I’m also starting to learn how to fly this baby , since you practically need a 1000 hours of flight time to comprehend and practice getting this baby off the ground and soaring to the heights it can actually go…..sorry for the metaphor … but the amount of buttons and knobs alone seemed to impress my friends and fellow musicians even more than the sound until I finally figured out how to get the best tone at loud band practice and gig volumes. The unit always sounded good over my studio monitors at a reasonable volume . I’ve been searching for the most compact but also fully featured live rig I could and after buying the profiler I couldn’t really afford to break the bank on amplification for awhile . I had tried many things even before this purchase, as I had a line 6 helix and nothing sounded as good as my Peavey xxx II with a 4×12 cab and I was determined to not dent up my car doors with that monstrosity ever again . I finally found the perfect solution for me, which I’ll end up making a video of soon. Needless to say I sold my head and the helix. Now I’m still stuck with 3 4×12 cabs in awesome shape that I can’t even unload at $75 ea. But that’s a whole other story.

I’ll return with the links soon… in the meantime…anyone actually interested ?
I already have some free presets on my channel and a Playthrough that people seemed to like. I’ve decided to add a lot more Kemper content to my channel, which is currently more aimed at iOS music creation , because there are two things I’m currently obsessed with , one being iOS apps and instruments (I have been recording on a desktop for at least 20 years prior, so I will post from that pool as well) and the other is coming up with sounds on the Kemper . BTW I have been hosting at Dropbox…anyone know a better alternative hopefully free ?