I have long wanted to have a good (really honestly good) replication of the sound Edge gets on “Streets Have No Name”.

I have tried several of the rigs on rig manager and never really got that sound I hear so well on the song….. so I decided to do some research and work to get it right.

You can all find the results up on the rig manager under the label “U2 Streets”.


I started with a rig from rig manager from Ryan Baker which is called “U2 Still Haven’t Found”. This had a pretty good VOX AC 30 (no cab). I turned the cab on.

From the research I did, here is what is needed to get this sound (which I think is pretty well replicated in this rig).

The song is played with a single coil strat using the bridge and center pickups (2nd position on the PUP selector) into a VOX AC 30.

A compressor is placed first in the chain.

The way Edge did this was to first go into a slap delay. The output of the slap delay was sent to 2 different delay engines. I used a delay time of 100ms with 50% mix for this using the single delay module.

For the 2 delay’s, I utilized a dual delay in the KPA. The first delay was set to 524mSec, and the 2nd delay was set to 350mSec (this is the primary delay). The mix between these two delay’s was set heavily in favor of the primary delay, and the feedback was higher on the primary delay than on the secondary delay (33% vs 6%) and the mix between the 2 delays was set to (31.6%) so that the longer delay was pretty much just a single slap after each strum while the primary delay echoed out about 3 times.

Finally, a hall reverb was added at the end of this chain with a predelay of 160, time 4.2 Sec. Mix was set at 25.5%

Please give it a try and let me know what you think. I spent a couple of days coming up with this recipe. Hopefully it works for more than just my ears