I have been using so many amazing commercial and free profiles and have only tried profiling once.. It turned out decent, but seemed like a lot of effort when there is so much good stuff to be had from the experts. Seeing as I’m not going to beat anyone’s work out there with the same available amps, I thought I could contribute by profiling my own lil’ custom amp. This amp was made by my good friend and bass player, Scott Reedy. He’s the amp Dr. of south Orange County. This is a low wattage, nasty little amp. Just how I like them.

These profiles are merged for my fellow cab guys. There is a pretty clean version right on the edge of breakup, and a dirtier version. If you guys like this one, I have a 71′ Bassman loaded with NOS tubes that I can take a shot at.

(Also on the Rig Exchange under Dark Arts, or my name Keith Woodhall)

Let me know what you think!