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hey yes these are new there is a “old” folder too these were the ones i made years before. but now i made them d.i. and way more settings and stuff they turned out way nicer, i must say if i got the choice i always go d.i. but the first jupiter profiles were before d.i. was possible

I have now tested the Jupiter profiles (through a Hotone Loudster into a 1×12 cab with CelestionV-Type Speaker): Sounds very good and familiar to what I remember the original amps gain structure!
“C2G7” does mean Channel 2 with gain on 7, right? But what does the “CAB” in the naming of the rigs mean? Or BST7?
Did you adjust Tube Shape, Tube Bias, Power Sagging simple to your taste or as finetuning to get closer to what the orignal amp sound?