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Hey Webb, I just want you to know: I use your “Atomica 03 57-121” with another cab sim and this is still one of my amazing free favorite rock tones. Not only that it sounds good… just because it’s so tweakable! If you thin out the sound with the volume pot. or lower the gain, the reaction of that rig is very well and sweet.
I even like it a lill’ bit more than the “20 $ cameron profile”. What a great work – thank you very much

I just saw this post and need to clarify something. The Atomica that Webb has profiled is a high gain version of Mark Cameron’s Jose mod that was built by Friedman. The 20 dollar Atomic Pumpkin profile pack we sell is not a high gain mod at all. It is based off of the original “Atomica” amp which was a low gain Jose. So comparing the two is like apples to oranges. Also that pack is direct only. Hope this clarifies some things, if you want an accurate comparison the Carnage vs. Webb’s Atomica would be the appropriate comparison. I hope this is OK with the mods I am not trying to spam I just don’t want some potential customers to be mislead.

Question for Webb, this is the Atomica mod provided by Friedman on a Marshall correct? We did very few true Atomica mods but if you have one of those I stand corrected. I just want to clarify the confusion.