Hi guys,

Took a stab at profiling my handwired 5e3 clone today. Speaker is a Celestion Blue, mic’ed with a ’57.

Pretty happy with the results. Uploaded two of the profiles to RE (numbers are 0-12 as on the amp):
– One really clean: “5E3 2” (Bright input, vol.2, tone 8.5)
– One slightly dirty: “5E3 B1 2” (Bright input, vol. 4, tone 8.5)

Only had a SM57 at hand today, so they aren’t as full sounding as similar profiles with a 57+ribbon blend, but they should work great for live use and in a mix. Might have some new mics available soon, will probably do more profiles then!

If you’re into deluxes, do please check them out – any feedback is much appreciated!

Profiling is fun (and LOUD) !