Seeking to recreate the sound of a Bugera 6260 (which is a copy of a 5150) through Mesa and Kitty Hawk cabinets using different speakers.
I also have a 6505 sitting right next to the 6260, but I am still undecided about which on I like better. They share a similar character, but they do sound different.

The pack contains 37 merged profiles. These are made up of 30 DI-profiles. The DIs cover all channels from Clean to Crunch to Lead. Each amp setting has been profiles with different gain settings (see codes like “-3” or “-5” in the name, where “-3” means “-” = no pedal and “3” = gain at 3) and different drive pedals (see codes in the gear list below, like “MT” or “DS”).

There are 12 cabinet profiles made from two different cabs (Mesa 4×12 and Kitty Hawk 4×12) with 3 different speakers (T75, V30 and G12-65) and two mics (SM57 and e906).
These cabinet profiles are stored as “RiF-.Cab *”-profiles for easier usage. See the manual for instructions. You probably know that you can use these cabinet profiles with any DI profile you have, not just those in this pack. I am striving to make these cabs work with all of my DIs, though if they sound good with other DIs depends on the voicing of the DI.
All my profiles are going through an analog-only audio path. No digital gear (besides the KPA) involved.
To create these profiles, the following gear has been used:
Bugera 6260 tube amplifier
Mesa Rectifier 4×12 cabinet /w G12-T75 speaker mic’d (Shure SM57 and Sennheiser e906)
Kitty Hawk 4×12 cabinet /w G12-65 and V30 speaker mic’d (SM57)
Maxon OD808 (“OD”) , Boss DS-1 Distortion (1991) (“DS”) , Boss SD- 1 Super Overdrive (1984) (“SD”), Boss MT-2 Metal Zone (1994) (“MT” , EHX Big Muff Pi (“PI”)
BAE 1073mp preamp
Palmer PAN-01 DI box
Furman Power Conditioner
Here are some sound samples that cover the high gain, rock and clean tones of this profile pack. The guitars in these samples are bone dry, directly from the KPA and no other FX applied in-Kemper nor in Pro Tools (other than a transparent Limiter on the mix bus and KPA-Delay and Reverb from the profiles in the clean tones).

As usual, I like to show you some pictures of the gear used during profiling.

The pedals and their codes used in the rig names:

I hope you’ll find this pack useful and fun!

Download the pack here (it includes the PDF manual):