I just wanted to send a shout out of appreciation for Zoltan1957’s “1955 SUPER TWEED” profile.

I usually have to tweak most profiles a bit to get the kinds of sounds that I am after from a particular amp. Not so with the Super Tweed!

This baby is good “right out of the box” (or Rig Exchange, in this case)!

If you are like me and didn’t grow up with a lot of Tweed era amps lying around the house, when you think of a “Super” it is a blackface Super Reverb that comes to mind. And for good reason, as that amp has one of the most iconic sounds ever. It was so popular it had many imitators. My main amp as a teenager and in my twenties was Ampeg’s take on the Super Reverb formula, the VT40.

The 1960s Blackfaced Super Reverb formula was:
4 x 10 inch speakers
Accutronics made reverb units
45 watts
Awesome cleans
Singing sustain up loud.

But the tweed era, Fender Super, was totally different from the later era Blackface and Silverface amps carrying the name “Super”.
Two slanted 10 inch speakers
18-20 Watts
Classic tweed breakup
Tubes: 5U4, 6V6 (2), 12AX7 (2), 12AY7(2) 1955-1958
(The Supers before and after the late 50s sported 6L6s)

So the version of this amp profiled is a world away from a Blackface era Super Reverb.

I love playing this profile through bridge position of my Lollar Charlie Christian equipped strat. (Output similar to a humbucker but breaks up later). A nice break up and focused tone without excessive “honkiness”. A real winner and not just a sound for those nostalgic for that 50s sound either!

Thanks to Zoltan1957 for posting such a great profile!