I’ve got something special… “Amp Modelling” meets “Microphone Modelling”.
Just for fun I’ve created some profiles of my EVH (oh no not another EVH) with the Slate ML-2 microphone. The modelling is turned off so the microphone modelling can be applied after reamping or through DAW playback. There are also a few profiles in there with the microphone simulation turned on.
I’ve used my modded EVH Cab which has an additional V30 loaded. So there are profiles with the Greenback and the V30 and profiled the red and blue channel.


Don’t expect the most awesome profiles, it’s more a fun project. But the mircophone modelling is a nice addition. On the other hand you would normally adjust the microphone position while using another microphone. It’s more or less a different sound creation option. And too much options are also a problem at some point. But that’s not the point, just a look on what is possible.

Have fun and I’m glad to read some comments.