Hi guys

So this is my first foray into making profiles.
I’m just getting my feet wet, but I thought I’d share them with you guys.

The amp is the recently released Marshall DSL20HR head, and the cab is the PRS Mark Tremonti signature cab – a beast of a 1×12.

The profiles can be found in the rig exchange under author “Michael DK”, with the names MARS DSL20 V30 A MDK and MARS DSL20 V30 B MDK, respectively.

Rather than starting out simple, I’ve routed the signal through the DAW :
The “A” profile is made with a Slate ML-1 mic, using the U67 model (I think). The “B” profile is made with the Slate ML-2 mic, which was multed in the daw to two tracks, one with the vintage sm57 model, and one with the Royer R121 model. Both profiles have hade some light EQ treatment and whatnot.

They are both fairly gainy, but not modern metal levels.

Hope you like them! Leave a comment if you try them out, both good and bad feedback is appreciated.
I will probably make a bunch more profiles in the future.