hey everyone, i was thinkin it would be nice to try out the Kemper with some virtual instruments or sample players to get a bit more lively sound out of modeled or sampled emulations of those e-pianos (or connect a passive Rhodes when i find a good affordable one around here someday) … the built in amp/speaker all have a very special characteristic … haven’t played one in ages but can still remember the magic of the sound.
i’m trying to convince a friend to do it, he’s a backliner and possibly has access to both and a bunch of cool Mics… but he doesn’t have a Kemper and lives in another country so it’s not looking good …

… i’m waiting for a new keyboard to arrive later this week (i’m moving away from plugins and wanted sth i could just switch on and play like the Kemper) which has pretty good emulations and will give it a go with the guitar amp profiles … i used to do it with amp modlers and/or IRs but it was always such a fuzz to set it up but now with the Kemper i might as well … i’ll let you know how it goes …. but in any case it sure would be nice to have the originals profiled so if anyone has some connections to make this happen i could maybe provide some motivation

here are some pics of the beasts there are several versions, i’m not lookin for any one in partiular:

kemper-amps.com/wbb_suite_3/index.php?attachment/8768/ kemper-amps.com/wbb_suite_3/index.php?attachment/8770/