Hi all,

New to the forums, thought I would share some profiles of my personal amps. I uploaded three profiles of my Blackheart Killer Ant — a one-knob, quarter-watt amp powered by a pair of 12AX7 tubes — along with one profile of an Orange Micro Crush — a 9v-powered micro amp — and a profile of my preferred setting for bass on a SansAmp ParaDriver DI (it’s SVT-ish).

You can find them all by searching for author “Alpaca Room” on Rig Exchange:

AR – Little Ant 10:30 — The Killer Ant a little before noon
AR – Little Ant 1:30 — The Killer Ant a little after noon
AR – Little Ant Dime — The Killer Ant with the knob all the way up
AR – Oranje Micro Crash — The Micro Crush on the dirty channel with the gain all the way up
AR – ParaSVT 1 — The ParaDriver DI in an SVT-ish setting with a little bit of dirt

There’s EQ on all the Killer Ant profiles in both the EQ section and in the X slot, but you can disable it for a more raw sound. It’s a weird little amp that’s sort of like a hot rodded Marshall with a little different mid character. I don’t record it too often, but when I do, I usually need to really juice the mids to get it to sit in the mix.

The Micro Crush profile sounds just like the real thing, cellophane (??) speaker and all. It’s small and cruddy, but it’s a pretty cool sound, when you need it. This amp is actually on a track that appears on a cable news show every week here in the US… who would have thought!

The bass profile is my go-to for tracking bass. It’s thick and a little dirty and sits really well in a rock mix. The DI box is still sitting on my desk, but when I know I need this exact sound, it’s easier to just plug into the Kemper.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy!