Hi guys,

Made a profile of my Ceriatone JM100 amplifier. This is Ceriatone’s take on John Mayer’s signature sound. I absolutely love this amp. It’s basically a clone of John’s Two Rock signature model, with some Steel String Singer elements in them, pretty much a hybrid amp of his setup during a lot of years, before the switch to J-MODs etc. The Two Rock JM sig is a pretty dark amp, designed to blend with his more crispy Dumble amps I suppose. When designing this amp, it was made to sound a bit more open than the Two Rock JM sig.

Here it is, it’s also on the rig exchange:


I think it sounds best with low output single coils, like JM Big Dippers or Klein Jazzy Cats, but that’s just my personal preference. Of course be sure to tweak it to your liking. If you’d like to have a profile with a Klon and/or Bluesbreaker added, let me know!