Dang, not a single darn person want to talk about this???

Well I don’t know how many of you use your own IR’s so here’s a couple I created. Import them to Rig Manager and you can drag and drop them to your profiler.

This is actually an IR of 3 cabs. A HESU V212 Demon loaded and mic with a 421, a Bogner UberKab with a R121 on the V30, and a Friedman BE100 cab with a SM57 on the G12M. I have 5 IR’s that were mixed to get the sound in the room, my favorite mix, a slight mid boost, and 2 levels of high cut from the mid boost settings.

The IR’s are thick, have some major thump, buttery mids, and screaming highs. If I were to explain it in as and EQ the overall sound signature is like a “W” EQ. These are primarly for high gain, but work well with crunch and cleans too.