I was doing some spring cleaning of all my old rigs and deleted most of them from the Rig Exchange after figuring out a lot about profiling.

I am therefore “releasing” this rig pack of three high gain rigs. The amps in the pack are a Diezel VH4, an Engl Fireball 100 and an Engl Savage 100.

I think you’ll like the results.

Profiles are:
Indian Savage Rage
Indian Furball Rage 1
Deedle VH4 Rage 1

All the amps were profiled on an Orange 2×12 with V30s. The mics used were a Sennheiser E906, a LD49K and an RB77DX.

Do try them out, I feel I am really getting somewhere with my profiling methodology.

In fact, I prefer my own rigs to most of the free ones on the rig exchange.