Hi Everyone

I did some DI profiles a few months back of my Carvin Legacy. I did a clean and a dirty profile. I uploaded them on RE. If someone wants to try them out and let me know what you think, they are called:

PBB – Carvin Legacy 100
PBB – Carvin Legacy 100 Cln

or you can find them by Author TheSystem

I use IRs with these. To me they sound like my Carvin do when I run my Suhr Reactive Load into my DAW.

The chain I used to profile them was:

Carvin Legacy>Suhr Reactive Load>Kemper. I may have had a GTQ2 in between the SRL and the Kemper. I did these quite a while ago.


PS. I have many other amps I could profile but they all exist in some form already on RE or through Profile providers.