I’m fairly new to the Kemper club. I was saving for a Mesa Boogie 5:50 plus and took a chance on a Kemper instead. Absolutely loving it. Anyway, a few weeks after owning it I got a little time to test out profiling and did a clean and dirty channel profile of my Boogie Studio 22+. A friend had left a 60’s Watkins Clubman combo at my studio so I thought I’d profile that as well, just to see how to go about it. I uploaded them to Rig Exchange but only just noticed a forum section so thought I’d post their names here to see what people think.
All mics, speakers etc are in the data of the profiles. Hope someone may find a use for them:

OCT-Boogie 22+ Clean 1
OCT-Boogie 22+ Dirt 1
OCT-Watkins Clubman