Yes, that is right I said 45 different cabinets!
The amp is the same on all of these. Studio Classic with Master on 3 and gain on 6.
All of these are Zombiecabs Impulse Responses.
I created these IRs. I’m one of the owners of Zombiecabs.
Most are using 3 mics- a ribbon, Sm57 and a room mic.
All of them with the “Bog/OR” in the name are a mix of two 412 cabs, the same cab on all profiles but with different mics. 57, MD421, E609 etc so you can hear all mics available.
Finally, there are two with the name ending in “RM1” & “RM2” which are just room mics. RM1- Telefunken M81-SH and RM2 Neuman TLM102
DL them all so you can check out those Zombiecabs IRs.
Author “M ROE”