Hey guys, been a while. Hope you’re all doing well. Was bored the other day so my singer and I put a couple profiles together for fun. Hopefully they are better than my previous ones. I’d like to think I’ve gotten at least a little better at it. The amps we used were:
Blackstar Club 40
Egnater Renegade 60
Friedman Runt 50
Fender DRRI Tweed
Fender Blues Jr Tweed with BillM mods
Marshall Silver Jubilee 20w
Orange TH30

Most are pretty straightforward dirty profiles and I think there’s like 2 cleans. The Egnater Fuzz profile was profiled using a Wampler Velvet Fuzz. Hope you guys like them! They are on RE as well if you want to pick and choose which to try.