Looking for a new Bogner Helios Eclipse profile please.
A incredible revision of the standard Helios. Not many people talking about it.

Trying to match the tone of Evergrey. The new album “The Atlantic” is a Bogner Helios Eclipse (Black Sun) and a Bogner Ubershall

ZZ Top “Just Got Paid” Rhythm Guitar Profile

Here’s a profile of ZZ Top’s “Just Got Paid” rhythm guitar that was Tone Matched using an Axe-Fx III. Check out the sample and download the attached profile.

Paul Reed Smith 2-channel Custom 50 (first attempt)

Hi all,
I thought I’d try my hand at profiling my fav amp.
It’s a stock PRS Custom 50 combo.
Only two profiles created. Clean channel, and crunchy lead channel.
I used two mics into a Zoom Livetrak L-12
Mics are Sennheiser e906, and Shure SM58
I would love some feedback if you have the time.
The clean seems a bit dark to me, but that can be modified to your taste.
The lead sounds good to me with lots of spank and a nice bit of grit.

Please let me know what you think!

Free Orange Rocker 30 profiles

Free samples from the new TMS Profiles Orange rocker 30 pack.

Free Borg Factory Cameron Ocean Profile

i just released my Cameron collection and i wanted to share a free profile.

This amp is one of my personal fav amps i have ever owned it’s a 1976 Marshall 100w JMP with the Mark Cameron Ocean mod. This amp is based around his Cameron Jose but this amp is a bit smoother a little less gain and has more options on it then your normal Jose.

Engl Powerball 2 profiles

Hi all, time to stop leeching and contribute to this awesome forum:)

Here are my first attempts at profiling my dear Engl Powerball 2 and thought I’d get some opinions/suggestions on how to improve them.

Signal chain: Guitar w DiMarzio Tone Zone > Ibanez TS9 > Engl E645-2 > Two Notes Captor > Wall of sound with a celestion greenbacks cab.

First profile Grinder works great for classic heavy metal and Grinder lead is a bit more midrange lead sound with a slightly hotter TS9 in front.
both profile works great on EMG81 equipped guitars as well

Rig Exchange Rigs with Questionable Amp Information (Split Off from “Gems” Thread)

Chris Duncan
There was a problem some time ago with author names being wrongly shuffled about but I think it was resolved. I had M Britt popping up everywhere! – ( I have, it’s fair to say, a considerable number of his profiles)

Friedman BE-OD pedal into Two Rock Studio Pro – Feedback pls:)

Hi all,

Profiled my Friedman BE-OD pedal into my Two Rock Studio Pro and would love some feedback on the profiles. There are 4 here at slightly different gain levels on the pedal. I was using quite a bright tele, so you might want to increase the definition a little, tweak eq etc to taste.

I know you’ve got a billion profiles so you’ve got a great reference library there;)

Open to all comments, especially if they are constructive.

Rig Exchange rigs with questionable amp information (split of from “gems” thread)

Quote from dickjonesify

Brian Carl is a profile-maker/seller and I don’t believe he’s knowingly shared any on the Rig Exchange.

He does have a free pack and *maybe* those particular ones are from it but I don’t know that for sure.

He puts his free samples on the Rig Exchange unlike most of the other vendors. His stuff is my favorite I think. I have bought 5 or 6 packs from him but my favorites are the Deluxe + free one and another Morgan free one he sent out to people on his mailing list.

New Orange Thunderverb 200 Available in the exchange!

New Orange Thunderverb 200 Available in the exchange!

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