A few more Runt 50 profiles (pushed by Tube Screamer) and a couple SiB Cuda Tube Pedal profiles. Also, a complete download location for my profiles!


Ceriatone Joyful Music JM100

Hi guys,

Made a profile of my Ceriatone JM100 amplifier. This is Ceriatone’s take on John Mayer’s signature sound. I absolutely love this amp. It’s basically a clone of John’s Two Rock signature model, with some Steel String Singer elements in them, pretty much a hybrid amp of his setup during a lot of years, before the switch to J-MODs etc. The Two Rock JM sig is a pretty dark amp, designed to blend with his more crispy Dumble amps I suppose. When designing this amp, it was made to sound a bit more open than the Two Rock JM sig.

Here it is, it’s also on the rig exchange:


I think it sounds best with low output single coils, like JM Big Dippers or Klein Jazzy Cats, but that’s just my personal preference. Of course be sure to tweak it to your liking. If you’d like to have a profile with a Klon and/or Bluesbreaker added, let me know!

Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier Profile

I profiled my Triple Rectifier. It was hooked up to an Eminence 4×12 with Governors and Tonkers inside. Mics used were a Sennheiser E906 and a RB77DX Umber.

Here’s a single-tracked clip.

Moderator Notice:In most cases, Soundcloud uses a bandwidth of only 128 kbps. As a result, what you hear isn’t free of artefacts, especially the high end. For critical listening and also product comparison, please keep that in mind. Users who setup a comparison should use linear wave files and supply dropbox links.

Do keep in mind that the profile is a bit low volume (Profiler works in strange ways), so hike up the rig volume if you feel like it. For recording, it is quite a robust signal.

Hope you like it. It’s on the rig exchange as Meza Boog Triple Wreck.

Runt 50, Silver Jubilee 20w, Orange TH30, Fender BJ Tweed & DRRI, and a JHS Sweet Tea pedal just for fun!

Bandmate brought over a few of his amps the other day so we could profile them. Thought I’d upload a few. Was bored today so I decided to do a clean profile for each of the three switch settings on the Runt 50 as well. Did a couple more dirty ones while I was at it. Then, for kicks, I thought I’d do a few profiles of my JHS Sweet Tea. A few are just the Angry Charlie and a few are pushed by the TS side as well. Have fun!

Gian (another Floyd rig) Sorrow

Hi guys,

I’ve just posted a new rig for Pink Floyd song Sorrow named ‘SORROW’ (of course) on rig exchange I hope you like it and give me feedback to improve the Profiling.

Ciao! Gian

The Waza Tube Amp Expander JJ Experiment

Hey fellow Kerperoids!

I recently got a Waza Tube Expander and experimented with it, including creating profiles.
It is fully loading down the amp like a Suhr Reactive load or any other loadboxes, but the tone/feel shaping of the reactive load can be altered manually.
These are studio profiles with the same IR used.
The amp is a very recently released 20watt fire breathing baby monster. Please find the profiles below any comments welcome, enjoy.

Are the Rig Downloads included in the 6.0 OS or are they a separate dowmload?

they are separate

PITCH Wide Sitar 2

It’s in the Kemper Workshop and FX Rig Pack

Sarno Music Solutions CTP–>McIntosh MC2100–Beyma Liberty 8 2×12 Profiles

One of my colleagues at work has a home studio and he profiled my Grateful Dead-ish rig. My amp is a Sarno Music Solutions Classic Twin Preamp into a McIntosh MC2100 power amp into a 2×12 cab loaded with Beyma Liberty 8 speakers. We did a clean profile and then a couple with my SMS Earth Drive overdrive pedal, a couple with my T-Rex Dr Swamp, and one with my SMS Solar Flare distortion. Steve used a Townsend Labs L22 mic modeling a RCA 77 DX and an SM57 along with an actual SM 57. I think it came out pretty good. The SMS is a great clean amp and a good canvas for effects. Here’s a short demo using my iPhone so the sound is a bit compressed.

TOTA’s Free Profiles Pack

And for those of you who don’t talk fluent french, here are the steps to follow :
1) follow the link
2) click on the green button on the right (it’s “add to the basket”)
3) click on the right of the blue line which appears
4) click on the green button below
5) fill in the informations needed then click on the green button
6) then, for the last time, click on the green button

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