SRV profile

Hey guys is there a go to SRV profile that a lot of people use that I could start with?
Thanks, Dai.

New Amp Day! Ceriatone Gargoyle! free profiles!

No problem guys, let me know your thoughts!

My Top 5 Higain profiles + some CABs for Free – Merry Christmas people :-)

Hi all

Here are my latest top 5 higain profiles and some CABs for you all to download and use for free…hu4P6K9E6zIYYG-kH25a?dl=0

Have fun and tell me what do you think about them


PS: for users with Kemper OS 6.x.x – just rename the *.krig file extension to *.kipr

Any suggestions guitar BleuRidge with LR Bags active

Hello out there
i am looking for a profile to match my acoustik guitar (Bleuridge BR160A with LR Bags active vtc)
new here dont now where to look exactly
thanks in advance

Smashing Pumpkins Big Muff PI Sound

Sounds great!

Eric Johnson Profiles

Hallo, hat jemand Profiles von dem Amp von Eric Johnson gemacht ???
Ich stelle mir das so vor also jemand zerrt Eric von seinem Amp weg und ein anderer Profilt ihn mal auf die schnelle.
Also wenn das jemand gemacht hat wäre ich dankbar.
Grüße an die Gemeinde.

New Amp Day! Gremlin Content! Plus free profile!

Thank you, Chris.

Carvin Legacy v1, THD Univalve & Blackstar HT5


EVH EL34 100 watt, Mesa OS 57/421

Check it out on the rig exchange homies. Just like the post says. EVH EL34 100 watt head, Channel 3 red, Mesa OS 4×12, 421/57 Mix. 421 is about 6-7 DB higher in the mix. Let me know what you guys think. Good LORD I love this amp! Profiled with an ESP Horizon with EMG 57/66 combo, in D standard/Drop C. Pay no attention to the tags in the rig, or the effects, I just wanted to get the core tone up quick for input. Let me know what you guys think.

Novelists FR tones

Is there anyone out here with a good Novelists FR tone? Or something close to their sound?
In the link below, you can listen to their latest song:
Novelists FR – Somebody Else

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