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New Profile – Bugera 1960 Infinium

A few weeks ago I was going through some old profiles I made shortly after getting my first Kemper. I ran across one I made of my Bugera 1960 Infinium. I ran the amp into a Suhr Reactive Load, into my DAW where I applied an IR from the Celestion Lynchback IR pack. When I made it I wasn’t all that impressed but I also was new at the KPA so I didn’t really know alot about using the Kempers settings to tweak it. Now I do so I did a little tweaking and really like the results. I’ve been using it the past few weeks at gigs as my main lead sound and it’s working out great!It’s up on the rig exchange, the name is Bugera Plexi Lead. It’s set up so that morphing drops back the gain a bit. I did this because I have a Dynacomp on my pedalboard for my clean sounds. When I switch from clean to lead, if the Dynacomp is on it’s too gainy so I set the morph to back the gain off some for when the Dynacomp is on.It’s a pretty good sounding roaring Marshall tone, if you’re into that sort of thing check it out.

Uploaded Marshall ’58 Superbass profiles

Welcome and have fun here in the forum and with your Kemper!

Thanks for taking the effort for the profiles and for sharing them with us

SRV profile

Hey guys is there a go to SRV profile that a lot of people use that I could start with?
Thanks, Dai.

New Amp Day! Ceriatone Gargoyle! free profiles!

No problem guys, let me know your thoughts!

My Top 5 Higain profiles + some CABs for Free – Merry Christmas people :-)

Hi all

Here are my latest top 5 higain profiles and some CABs for you all to download and use for free…hu4P6K9E6zIYYG-kH25a?dl=0

Have fun and tell me what do you think about them


PS: for users with Kemper OS 6.x.x – just rename the *.krig file extension to *.kipr

Any suggestions guitar BleuRidge with LR Bags active

Hello out there
i am looking for a profile to match my acoustik guitar (Bleuridge BR160A with LR Bags active vtc)
new here dont now where to look exactly
thanks in advance

Smashing Pumpkins Big Muff PI Sound

Sounds great!

Eric Johnson Profiles

Hallo, hat jemand Profiles von dem Amp von Eric Johnson gemacht ???
Ich stelle mir das so vor also jemand zerrt Eric von seinem Amp weg und ein anderer Profilt ihn mal auf die schnelle.
Also wenn das jemand gemacht hat wäre ich dankbar.
Grüße an die Gemeinde.

New Amp Day! Gremlin Content! Plus free profile!

Thank you, Chris.

Carvin Legacy v1, THD Univalve & Blackstar HT5


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