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Sirius Sound Lab – Modern Metal Pack (Fortin 33 + Klirrton Lichtbringer)

Hi folks,some fresh profiles for you metal aficionados!A modern metal pack, containing profiles of several amps, pure and boosted with a Fortin 33 or a Klirrton Lichtbringer pedal:Bogner ÜberschallDiezel HerbertDiezel VH4Mesa Dual RectifierPeavey 6505The *** versions are brighter than the ** versions.As always, these are pure unedited studio profiles, so tweak to taste!click here, to get these brutal tones -> MODERN METAL PACK

Laboga Mr hector

Thanks mate.

Free Randall T2 Profile

Hi…this was made with the current Beta…so file name ends with .krig
Not sure why i can´t upload it to the Rigexchange

Hope it works:…8-11%2013-57-51.krig?dl=0

Have fun!

Free Mesa/Boogie Quad Preamp Studio Profiles (John Petrucci Mark IIc+ Settings, V1 Bottle Rocket OD Pedal)

Quote from tlingen

Does anyone still have this profile to share?

Please see my last post.

acoustic guitar sound

Hey everyone!
i looking for rig in the rig exchange for acoustic guitar sound.
i have a show in few days and i have a gibson les paul-and i need it to sound like acustic guitar.
if you can recommend me on sounds for the show ill be thankfull

Full set of my new (1980s) JCM 800 to Bogner 4×12

Thanks, Mick! I’m looking forward to check them out. Your profiles are always great!

StumblinMan Profiles: New ones uploaded 8-1-19.

Hope you guys are enjoying these. Love some feedback if possible. Thanks!

Top Hat Emplex 50!

Hey all, search “Bossanova” I just uploaded 4 profiles of my Emplexador 50, clean to crunch, no fx. 2 good mics.

Let me know what you think! It’s my all time favorite amp.

Free set of Orange AD30TC to Marshall 4×12 Vintage 30s

Thank you, Mick.

Fender Twin Reverb Clean Tone with JB Humbucker

Any recommendations for a Twin Reverb or Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp clean tone that was profiled with hotter humbuckers like a JB? I am looking for big sounding 6L6 clean tone with humbuckers. New to Kemper. Thank you

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