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So, I am looking for a profile that is actually like a bass cut.

Who can profile or has a profile for a bass cut? Let me EG this.
The thing I am looking for is sounding like the intro from As Blood Runs Black – The Brighter Side of Suffering
YT : The Brighter Side OF Suffering

Uploaded three Bogner Fish thru Mesa Boogie IIC+ with Cameron Boost pedal in front

Thank you

Victory V40 + Pedal’s Series

Hi guys,

Lately I have been test profiling my V40+Pedal’s Rig.I first I tested the Friedman BE-OD and it came out good so I also did the Carl Martin Plexidrive Low Gain.

I released, for both pedals:- a LG (Low Gain) version
– a HG (High Gain) version, which is the same but with some tweaked to the power section and with a EQ boost added
– a Lead version, which is a further tweaked version of the HG, with some delay added

I’m planning on adding other AMP/pedals combo’s in the future, I have few AMPS and a dozen misc OD/DISTORTION/FUZZ pedals to try out.Have fun with them and let me know if you like them.



So the other day I found out that the way Big Country got those soaring leads was by using an MXR Pitch Transposer (along with chorus/reverb/etc).

The Kemper has a pitch transposer, so I threw together this new profile. I’ve been playing along with Big Country tracks on mp3 and youtube for several days and believe it or not, this profile sounds very similar to what I hear on the recordings when played in context. By itself it’s sort of nasty lol

I’ve uploaded the profile to the rig exchange, just look for Big Country, it’s the only one there, which automatically makes it the best Big Country rig on the exchange!

Probably the gain and the delay mix need to be dialed back but play along with some Big Country tunes and you may be surprised. Be sure to roll back your guitar volume for the rhythm parts, this profile seems to get you there through the whole tune.

Let me know what you think!

Free Marshall 6100 (30th Anniv.) / V30, T75 / SM57, e906 / BAE 1073MP profiles for dirty rock

I bought this Marshall 6100 30th Anniversary amp back in the early 1990’s new, so it’s about 25 years old. It’s kind of the father of the JVM heads we have now. 3 channels (lead, crunch, clean) with different settings on each channel. Channels are switchable by MIDI. The crunch channel 2 has three different modes: A = JTM 45’ish, B = Super Lead / JCM800’ish, C = JCM900’ish and these profiles here are from that channel’s modes B and C. My version is the 6100B with EL34’s and black tolex, no Lead-Mod (aka -LM version).
The poweramp can operate in Pentode and Triode mode, where the Triode mode has half the power (50W) and sounds a bit warmer than the more modern sounding Pentode mode.
The cabinet is a 1990’s Mesa Rectifier Slant 4×12 where I have installed a Celestion G12-T75 besides the stock Vintage 30’s (British). The mics were my trusty Shure SM57 and my new Sennheiser e906 which is pretty great btw. These went into a BAE 1073MP preamp. The amp gets power through a Furman power conditioner.
My profile chain is always all analog.

The profiles can be found on the Rig Exchange by searching for “RiF-30th”.
My filename-coding is as follows:
RiF-30th Ch[channel-number][channel-mode]-[t for triode, p for pentode][brightness level][speaker][mic]
Example: “RiF-30th Ch2.B-t2 T75 906” = Channel 2, Mode B, Triode, Brightness level 2, T75 speaker, e906 microphone
I made sure that the filenames are short enough to see any relevant differences in the KPA’s browser.
The brightness level goes from 1-3 , where 2 is what I consider “normal”. 1 is darker and 3 is brighter. The difference in brightness is usually achieved by moving the microphone.

Too much bass? Turn down the BASS on the main screen slighty. Go down in 0.3 dB steps.
Too much highs? Try one of the other profiles with a lower number or turn down the TREBLE knob on the main screen. Try values < 1 dB. The gain on the mode C profiles is pretty high and I left the original setting in the profile for authenticity, but I suggest to turn down the gain quite a bit. On the other hand, the mode B profiles can benefit from some added gain. FX SECTION: The EQ in the FX section makes the tone somehow "mix ready". A 70Hz low- and 10KHz high-cut plus a little notch at 4KHz to get rid of some harsh highs. It's off by default. The reverb is a small ambience which I think suits this kind of tone very well. STOMP SECTION: Noise Gate, Green Screamer, Graphic EQ and Treble Booster (try this if you're playing a neck-position humbucker). All off by default. THE SOUND SAMPLES Here are some short clips. The guitars are louder than in a normal mix so you can hear them clearly. All guitar tracks have been recording directly from the Kemper's STACK output. So there aren't any FX on the guitars. Even in Pro Tools they are kept bone dry. All clips have been recorded with a Gibson Les Paul Standard with a Duncan JB at the bridge position. THE PICTURES Here are some picture of the gear and the settings / mic positions used for the profiles. Marshall 6100: Celestion Vintage 30: Celestion G12-T75: Shure SM57: Sennheiser e906: As always, I appreciate any feedback (positive or negative) from you guys!

Punchy Rock track – JCM800 meets AC15

EDIT : posted in the wrong place

Mods please move it to ‘My Music’

Good Clean On Rig Manager

Being new to the Kemper there is a wealth of preloaded rigs which is great, but theres a lot to sift through to find the sound I’m looking for.
Im looking for a Metallica clean sound on the lines of the fade to black intro, sanitarium intro and so on, can someone please point me towards a good rig to satisfy this need please, Or at least a good starting point.
I have found Metallica rhythm and lead rigs which are fantastic.

All help appreciated

phish rigs?

Quote from crf3rd

Just found this thread. I’m a big fan of Trey’s. Key to Trey’s tone is his fingers (obvious) and that Languedoc. But I realized how much it’s his fingers when they played this Halloween and he used a Strat. Basically the same tone with a radically different guitar. Unbelievable.

Yes it was really close. Definitely has a lot to do with his touch.

But he was also using this guitar which has a sustainer pickup in the neck position.…en-sustainer-stratocaster

Santana knob settings, Mesa Boogie Mark I (reissue) with Altec 417B and Shure KSM32

I posted another version of this rig in another forum but this is probably the right forum to continue the discussion.

This is another of my efforts to get a pre-Dumble Santana tone using gear as similar to his as I can. I used his knob settings as much as possible (given the volume). This profile is very touch sensitive, responds well to volume/tone knob changes, and is a little smoother than the other one I uploaded the other day because of the different speaker. Notes seem to “pop” a bit more with this profile than with the other.

The filename is MBmk1ri Carlos v3 – 2018-11-14 18-13-34.kipr and I’ve put it on the Rig Exchange.

Anyone got a Randall Doom EOD 88 to profile ? or some profiles ?

Hi, I’m found of stoner tones, and I’d like to get my hands on these profiles ,

So has any of you that great Randall ? Did you manage to get profiles out of it ?


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