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This sound!

[LRS] Research :) Interested in Testing a Couple High Gain 5153 Profiles?

Hi All,

Attached to this message are two high gain EVH 5153 profiles.

I would love to hear thoughts on which you prefer. As always, I am trying new things.


Couple of dynamic 5E3 (w. CL Blue) profiles uploaded!

Hi guys,

Took a stab at profiling my handwired 5e3 clone today. Speaker is a Celestion Blue, mic’ed with a ’57.

Pretty happy with the results. Uploaded two of the profiles to RE (numbers are 0-12 as on the amp):
– One really clean: “5E3 2” (Bright input, vol.2, tone 8.5)
– One slightly dirty: “5E3 B1 2” (Bright input, vol. 4, tone 8.5)

Only had a SM57 at hand today, so they aren’t as full sounding as similar profiles with a 57+ribbon blend, but they should work great for live use and in a mix. Might have some new mics available soon, will probably do more profiles then!

If you’re into deluxes, do please check them out – any feedback is much appreciated!

Profiling is fun (and LOUD) !


Slapback-Delay for Rockabilly

there is one in the Factory Delay Presets which is good

PRS MT15 Rig uploaded on Rig Exchange

Hey guys, just doing some profiling today of my MT15, and wanted to try it out with my Two Notes Torpedo Live. I dig the results so far. Cab is the Diezel Kerozen cab, loaded with the Celestion K100 speakers, 2 SM57s, one off axis, in a “fredmen” style technique. Check out the rig if you’d like Just Uploaded on Rig Exchange. Should be Called ” MT15 Test TNT3″

New EVH 5150 III Available in the exchange!

New EVH III 5150 Available in the exchange!

Props To AndrewC For His Tupelo Lead + Rig


Friedman BE-OD pedal into Two Rock Studio Pro and Two Rock clean

Zero the Hero
wow thx !!


Looking for a new Bogner Helios Eclipse profile please.
A incredible revision of the standard Helios. Not many people talking about it.

Trying to match the tone of Evergrey. The new album “The Atlantic” is a Bogner Helios Eclipse (Black Sun) and a Bogner Ubershall

ZZ Top “Just Got Paid” Rhythm Guitar Profile

Here’s a profile of ZZ Top’s “Just Got Paid” rhythm guitar that was Tone Matched using an Axe-Fx III. Check out the sample and download the attached profile.

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