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Hey All,
Does anyone have any of the Northlane Profiles? Any opinions on them? I am looking for tones for drop F and G tunings and also Ambient delay/reverb tones as well. Thanks yall!

Prototype “JAMES” – unique hand made boutique amp profiles. ENJOY

This head was hand made by my friend over at Tube Distinctions . Anthony (proprietor of TD) is a legitimate Welsh Wizard. He is highly regarded and is used by some big top names whom you wouldn’t believe if I told you. Anthony was gracious enough to let me borrow one of his old prototype heads for profiling. So , about this Amp … it can be considered to sound similar to an over driven Marshall JMP PA20 except its pint sized at a staggering 1.8 watts.Spec; Single ended 2 stage circuit, using pentode driver stage in a “unique way” to allow it to be directly coupled to a pentode output stage, solid state rectification.Controls; over-all volume control, pre-control, with aditional controls that alter feedback, and tone.Tubes; MullardCV2975 and an EF86.
Download: attached
Rig Exchange: RZ_ProtoJames
Current total profiles made: 6
Remember, this is an early prototype head profiled with my setup so it’s just one small snippet of how it sounds. Download include various cabs.

Cameron CCV High Gain Profile – Feedback Requested

I did another round of profiling my Cameron CCV100 and could use some fresh ears to give it a try.
High gain settings profiled through a Friedman 4×12 with an SM57 and Royer 121 mix on a Celestion Greenback speaker. EQ engaged in the X slot adds a little bite but please try it with and without.
I’d love some feedback on it so if you get a chance please give it a try and let me know your thoughts…good or…2-04%2012-25-45.kipr?dl=0

Rivera Quiana Profiles

If anyone has one, some DI profiles would be appreciated. I found 3 of which 2 are the same (using different mics). I’m going to be forced to buy one of these and make profiles unless someone helps me out………
I’ve been itching for another Dumble clone and found some stuff on this amp. Found the profiles and found out that with the EV12 speaker I may be in love. Compared it to my Ceriatone OTS and Fuchs along with the Dumble profiles I have and it’s a winner. Wouldn’t have known about it without YouTube. Hopefully someone can pull through with profiles of many settings on both channels otherwise I’ll be making a purchase this week.

Some new Vox-ish profiles on Rig Exchange

I’ve uploaded three new profiles to Rig Exchange:
TBa AC15 TB — My AC15CH on the Top Boost channel, set up with comp, boost, and delay for all your U2/P&W needs.
TBa AC15 (Ab)Normal — My AC15CH on the Normal channel with a BBE Bohemian out front, set up for that Queen tribute band you were thinking of starting.
TBa Lillith — A homebrew I built many years ago with the preamp of a Trainwreck, a tonestack tweaked to be more Vox-ish, the PI of a Matchless, and the cathode biased 2x6V6 power section of a tweed Deluxe. The result is mostly in the Vox tonal famiiy IMNSHO.
All are merged profiles using the same cab, a Vox-badged AC30 2×12 extension cab from North Coast Music with Eminence GB12 and V12 speakers. The cab was miked with a Sennheiser e609 placed 6″ off the grill in the middle of the cab.
Share and enjoy!

Uberschall Twin Jet + Fortin 33 high gain profile.

Name: RZ_UberschallTJ_F01
Added to rig exchange for you. The amp pumps a ton of mids and not so much low end so it’s been post shaped with the internal Kemper EQ and coupled with the Fortin 33 pedal, its tight and grindy.

Another great Mesa MK3 profile

Got an amazing Mesa MK3 to Rectifier cab sound today so profiled it to save it.
Download for free. MK3 pack coming…650d1627603ef752904195074

Ambient stacked delays + Church Organ

Listen to this. From 0:50 you can hear some kind of chuch organ. And yes, it’s all and only KPA.Click here.
Let me know if you’re interested in having this profile.

Free Orange TH30 Combo Profiles by Deadlight Studio

Hey guys,
today i was visited by someone to profile his Orange TH30 1×12 Combo.
We thought we share the Profiles for free!
Its one clean..and one dirty
You can download them here:…adlight%20Studio.rar?dl=0
I will put them also up at the Rigexchange
Have fun!

Nick K Friedman PT20 free sample!

Just started profiling Friedman Pink Taco, and here is a free sample for you guys to check it out!
Friedman PT20 and Marshall Greenback box.

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