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New Profiles!

I finally got to upload a ton of profiles using most of my amp collection. You can find it under “George Alayon” The amps that I profiled are:
Metro/Friedman 68 Plexi( at different voltages),68/69 Scumback Plexi(only a few in existence), Friedman BE100 Suhr, PT100 Mesa Boogie Recto ,70’s Marshall JMP 100 watt.
Keep in mind that I just got the Kemper amp not the long. I used my Chandler Limited TG2 through SSL stuff using a 4 x 12 custom made Marshall 1960B made by Jim from Scumback Speakers loaded with BH75,M75,H75 and Celestion V30s. The Plexis are cranked to 10 using a Fryette Power Station attenuator at various voltage settings.
I would love to hear your opinion and see if I can improve my profiling skills!

[LRS] Testing a DI Box with a Free Panama DA Profile

Hi All,
The new DI box came yesterday and I did a quick DA profile with the Panama amp.
This is a fairly high gain profile and if I do say so it turned out great.
It loves IRs or cabs from other profiles.
Try it and let me know what you think!
I have over 20 different guitar speakers so this is going to be a journey…

High Gain: Mesa Boogie, EVH, Diezel, Fryette, Marshall, Peavey, Randall and Soldano.

Free metal kemper profiles including – Mesa Boogie, EVH, Diezel, Fryette, Marshall, Peavey, Randall and Soldano. They are high gain only ! Tweak to your liking!
Download –
Some will be better than others, some will have boosts like a Fortin 33 and others unboosted. There are 10 to chose from. They’re random ones taken from retail packs for you all to demo! Cheers!
added to rig ex search “reampzone”.

66 black flag

Thank you for these killer profiles….
…and if you read this David, pls. share more info about your amp. Wow !

Excellent Dumble style profile

As some of you know I really like Dumble style amps.
Two days ago I found an excellent profile in RM that really works well for my setneck humbucker guitars.
It’s the fuchs ods 100 by MillA.
Mats N

looking for a profile guitar to bass

Looking for help finding a profile, I could sworn I’ve seen a profile for detuning a guitar to bass that I tried and liked but for some reason its no longer saved on my Kemper and I can’t find it in the manager, does anyone remember one? thanks for any help!


I know this has been posted probably 1000 times but where can I find a good SRV tone? I think it was a 1963 Vibrolux? I’m specificity looking for the tone to Pride and Joy and some of his other top 10 stuff. I’m thinking if I can find the right tone I’ll be able to play just like him! Any help would be appreciated, I have searched but I’m a noobie here.

5150 profiles (High Gain and HM2)

Hi everyone ! I have just launched my 5150 (“High Gain” & Chainsaw”) & bass profiles on PJ666 Kemper Profiles.
They are done using the 5150 4×12 cab and great preamp like Neve 1073 and mics like SM57, MD421, ADK51, AEA R92, AUDIX D6…
Instead of posting one profile on the rig exchange, I would like to give you a profile which suits your own tastes.
Write to me at telling me what kind of sound you are looking for (band, album, the mics you prefer…).
Greetings from Paris, I hope you will like them !

“Dry Metal”

Is there anywhere to find “Dry Metal” stock ffactory Kemper profile?
I remember I liked it but I dont have the factory files anymore
Thakns in advance!

1968 Marshall JMP “Plexi”-Profiles!

Hey guys,
i just wanted to share these great ’68 Plexi Profiles with you.
The JMP was profiled with three different mics and gain-settings.
Dennis was also using a “Neve Portico 5012”-Preamp for the whole process.
Check them out and feel free to share.
(Made by Dennis Koehne)

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