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EP1 KP expression pedal switch usage for selecting rig


Thats an interesting thought but i I have a totally different profile for the lead tone. Can you morph from rig to rig?

Unfortunately no.

any date for the new Kemper reverb please?

It is really a philosophical question.

By demonstrating that something is in the works, you generate hype for your product. You also cut off some people from purchasing a competitors product knowing that a really big new feature is coming soon.

There are downsides. You tip your hat to the competition, and your users get agitated waiting on the new feature(s).

It has been my experience with my KPA since 2013 that CK provides quality updates. The new delay’s were done incredibly well. Morphing was outstanding. I fully expect the new verbs to deliver.

I agree with others though. As-is, the KPA sounds fantastic today.

Expression pedal for wah

Thanks for all the replies! Being I’m such a cheapskate, I’d much rather mod a used Cry Baby than buy a Mission. Much cheaper, and I have used a soldering iron a time or two.

What electro-acoustic guitars are you playing (thru-kemps)?

I’m using the piezo on my Musicman Petrucci Majesty.I’m using 12 srting profiles and Bert Melendajk’s acoustic profiles.Sounds fantastic

Black eyed witches​ – New electro Rock track – Marshall SL5 / 68’matamp / vox

At last I can respond, Renaud, having listened to it about 8 hours ago. The site went down for maintenance (the new forum look!) whilst I was checking out the track.

Sounds fine to me, mate. You nailed the vibe, I reckon.

Well done!

Kemperites’ Views on the New Forum Format?

lespauled wrote:

It’ll take some time to get use to. At least it’s working.

Yup, same here.
I kind of like it.

I Intend to start a study about commercial profiles

As far as I know the EQ,gain,definition,etc are there so you can adjust to the type of guitar you’re using? Who cares what a video has? Adjust the settings until it sounds good.

Post a DI and if it’s a free profile, have a link to it. I’d love to reamp it and dial in a tone.

My personal observations after about two months of ownership

Have you tried the community’s pack in my signature, mate?

Kemper Wah Settings

Unpowered Green Toaster For Sale

Reluctantly selling my 2015 Toaster after having bought a rack mount this summer. Running spring reverb Beta OS.

The Toaster’s been out on a couple of gigs but handled very carefully (some would say lovingly ), it’s condition is virtually new though there’s a tiny paint defect by the cross. Also, I had to send it in for repair of the Ethernet port, which-as I sadly discovered the day my remote arrived- was loose enough that the remote cable plug would lose connectivity on occasion. That was fixed under warranty and is nice and snug now.

$1400 and will ship anywhere in continental US

Norfolk, VA.

Backtrack for click and programchange?

I believe that in the other thread BandHelper was also mentioned.

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