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Added some Marshall 8100 profiles: clean, Death, In Flames – Jester Race, Sunlight

I added some Marshall 8100 profiles with SM57 and Engl 2×12″ cab Feel free to check them out in Rig Exchange!JU – 8100/CleanYour standard Marshall clean sound with a bit of its built-in reverb, which isn’t too bad for a 100 euro amp JU – 8100/JesterRaceAww yiss! I got fairly close to the classic In Flames album The Jester Race. It was allegedly recorded with the 8100 and possibly Boss DS-1. Since I don’t have the DS-1, I used my HM-2 instead. Sounds quite close though!JU – 8100/DistDeath to all butt metal! *ahem* Should be fairly close to the on-average sound Chuck had No specific album in mind though.JU – 8100/HM2Xtreme
I tried to capture the essence of the coveted Sunlight sound with the HM-2 obviously, but unfortunately the Kemper doesn’t allow me to record the perfect tone I was able to get, as it has too much hiss and noise. I’ll need to try again with a Noise Gate pedal, but for now this is as much gain as you can muster! Still plenty for Dismember, Entombed, etc.
Have fun

Supro Drive & Bogner Blue pedal – FREE profiles

Hello everyone! I have made available 2 profiles of the pedal SUPRO and one of BOGNER BLUE (set on PLEXI) -> the pedals enter a 6L6 power tube amp
You can find in RE
SUpro Drive 1
SUpro Drive 2
Bogner Blue pedal (plexi)
let me know if you like them and if you have some settings (or final valves) to suggest to create other profiles with these pedals

For Eric Jonhson fans – James Santiago cabs converted to KPA cabs

I just converted to the KPA cab format the freely available cabs that James Santiago shared on the Axe FX forum. I will not be able to test them until tonight so I don’t know if they sound ok or not yet. If anyone is interested you can download them from here. ->…

Dual/Triple rectifier, TS9pro plus OD, Cannibal Corpse/Death metal tone.

hey ive been looking around trying to find my perfect idea of death metal tone. I recently saw cannibal corpse live and they are using triple rectifiers with emg pickups and a maxon ts9 pro plus OD pedal. it was the must crushing and insane tone ive ever heard in my life. and i HAVE to get a profile that sounds like that. if anyone has a triple rec and a ts9pro plus, and can try to get that tone, and profile it. i will be forever grateful. im just trying to find a tone to jam with in my room, im not trying to use this tone to record. Ola englund posted a video of the gear he used for a CC cover and showed the exact settings for the ts9. the tone he replicated in the video is exactly what im looking for.

Free Vox AC30 (Celestion Silver Bell) Profile by Deadlight Studio

For all you guys that missed it…here is a free Vox AC30 Profile with Vintage Celestion Silver Bell speakers multimiced and merged!
Its also up at the Rigexchange!
Have fun!…7-25%2022-17-44.kipr?dl=0

Mebo Fat Clean free profile

If you liked my Christmas Clean profile, you’ll like this rig. It’s got some FX added in. Try them out.
Rig is called MeBo Fat Clean on the rig exchange.

SoloDallas Schaffer Replica profiles

Does anyone have profiles with a Marshall JTM-45 and the SoloDallas Schaffer Replica in front of it? To get the ultimate Angus Young solo sound…

[Mattfig] Free Mesa Pack

I created a FB poll asking what people wanted in their KPA libraries….To my amazement it’s more Mesa….So here’s my latest take employing all my KPA knowledge and experience….Whatcha think?

Free HEAVY ENGL Fireball profile

Get heavy with this free ENGL Fireball profile.
TS808 boost, Mesa Recto…72e43200cbc6e13c4091f063b

AFD 100 Marshall Rig Andy Mitchell

hy i´ve just uploaded a modified rig from Andy mitchell called LW AFD100 EPI (modified with epiphone guitar with passive emg 81/84)
please can someone chech them out for slash sounds especially for the UYI tone like locomotive etc.
Cause i think the secret in his Sound is to put a constant wah high pass filter with fixed Ratio 51% mixed to the original rig
thx to the Autor Andy mitchell

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