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Free BE100 Rig – Pickup Test – Please Participate – Scorpions Rock You Like a Hurricane

As mentioned in the other thread I am looking at replacing the stock pickups in my 2011 Gibson Les Paul Studio, bridge is a 498T.
Too many out there to choose, haha!
I was thinking if we could get many guitar and pickups playing the same profile it would be nice to have a database of the recordings to compare.
I searched the web for a catchy rock song and Scorpions Rock You Like a Hurricane was the first to come up so…I don’t play this stuff but it was not too hard (if I’m doing it right) so I thought it would be a good one to use.
I’ll go first:
Please do state the make, model and pickup used.

Zakk Wylde Tweak of deadlight Studio Profile

Hi Guys,
My first contribution to the rig Exchange. A tweaked Deadlight Studio profile (thank you for your great profiles!) to obtain Zakk Wylde’s sound.
In the soundclip I played 4 rhythm tracks (2 left-right and 2 at 80%) and added just a bit of reverb with cubase (could have done it with
the kemper, but found the tracks a little dry after recording)
Hope to receive some feedback

65 Deluxe

One of the best black face Deluxes on the exchange.
Thanks Selah Sounds.
My old Strat into a Jan Ray o.d. Thru this profile is killer !

Thanks to Deadlight Studios for the “Dann Huff” profile

I’m a huge Dann Huff fan since many, many years back.
Since I first got the KPA 6+ years ago I have been trying to get Fann’s fat distorted sound.
Now I have found it and in the RE, no less.
The profile was generously placed there by Deadlight Studios and it’s called OD2ORA+++V30.
It works great for both solos and rhythm and it wonderful to double track with.
Thanks Deadlight Studios for this great profile.
Mats N

Mesa Boogie Kingsnake on RE

Just thought I would mention this profile which has been uploaded on RE. It has a Celestion FIllmore speaker in the 1×12 combo cab, miced with a TUL G12. I quite like the profile and the cab works really well on all kinds of Boogie profiles – great on Lone Star and Mk III etc. Thanks to Bluesfan for uploading – seems like it is his first on RE.
The Celestion Fillmore – interesting speaker – hadn’t heard of these before but they are the subject of some discussion on the boards.

Top Jimi Super 50’s

This is in the free Kemper pack and it’s Great !
I overlooked it first time around, but played my old
Strat thru it tonite and it’s powerful.
What a treasure.
Thank you Jimi and Kemper.
This one alone is worth the price of admission….

JCM 800 2203 Direct Profiles

Does anyone have a Marshall JCM 800 2203 or Direct Profiles non-boosted with pedals ?

55 Tremolux

Thank you so much, mr. KP mole.
Well folks, it don’t get much better than this.
If you’re into vintage tweed Fenders this is a pro studio grade
profile of a stock unmolested Tremolux

Best tweed (champ) profiles?

I believe this is my first post here!
I’m currently in the need for tweed, so to speak. So hit me up with your best free (or commercial) tweed profiles. Preferably ones profiled with original speakers as I looking for that slightly broken-up, classic tweed tone.
Listen to the latest trio records by Julian Lage for reference.
Nothing beats an original old champ (had to pass on a ‘53 recently, still regret it), but hopefully my newly acquired Kemper can come close!

AC30 “Edge” Profiles video demo inside.

We took some of the profiles we made from a UK made AC30/6TB and dialed in some delays in the site of U2’s “where the streets have no name”.
Enjoy one profile for the lead and one for the rhythm, courtesy of the Tone Junkies.

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