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Friedman BE-100 DELUXE MOD Kemper Profiles

Here we have a one of a kind special edition of the Friedman BE-100 that has been modded to match the Deluxe edition by Friedman UK. Above the norm includes switchable 50/100w mode , 3-way gain structure , depth, response and much more! You won’t find another pack like this anywhere, it’s 100% exclusive to ReampZone! All styles have been covered here, all of them! Classic rock, modern, metal, classical including cleans, crunchs , leads – basically … EVERYTHING!

This pack has 25 STUDIO ONLY profiles with MERGED and DIRECT coming soon. Profiled using various cabs and settings you will be 100% satisfied. Each profile has been tested and captured using different guitars and pickup combinations to cover all styles , all of them – as many as I can think! The profiles are 100% responsive and interact with the Kemper EQ wonderfully , shape to your delight further .

Cabs include: Bogner, David Laboga, Mesa Boogie, Orange , Zilla Cabs and a special ‘MAGICAB‘ which is our unique cab profiling method. Pedals used: Fortin 33, Fortin Grind, Boss SD-1 , Klon Centaur and more around the corner. Microphones are SM57/MD421 blending for fatness and dynamics – with that said – let’s hear it!

That’s just a small sample – much more to come! go buy it and enjoy. Thank you <3

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Randall Satan Kemper Profiles

The signature amp of Ola England as designed by Mike Fortin is here! This pack has a very particular set of tones including a very unique blend of sounds coined ‘MAGICAB‘. Currently featuring 9 STUDIO profiles with our MAGICAB  and David Laboga cabs.  We have included a few Fortin 33 boosted profiles for that extra mid heavy tightness.

This pack is actively being worked on and taking tonal suggestions. Quality is assured in this pack, rather than create 50 random profiles I’ve specifically crafted tones to reflect my vision. GRAB THE PACK, ENJOY!

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Soldano Hot Rod 50 Kemper Profiles

A single channel classic American hot rod amp that’s a main staple of studios around the world. The Soldano HR 50 is a fantastic telling of how an amp should sound when in the right hands. This pack currently features 7 DIRECT , 3 MERGED and 19 STUDIO profiles with various configurations and boosts ready to rock.



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Suhr Badger 18 Kemper Profiles

An absolute stunner of an amp! The Suhr Badger 18 offers a flavourful British sound rich in tone and feel . Featuring 14 Direct , 2 Merged and 44 Studio profiles this pack is perfect for clean, crunch and rock and anything in between . Pre-made FX profiles are featured also – so consider this one of the most diverse collection of profile sounds available .

Cabs include – Marshall, Framus, Orange and Mesa Boogie, David Laboga and Zilla Cabs with varied speaker configurations. Boosts include ; EHX LPB-1, Boss SD-1 , Suhr Riot, Mesa Flux OD, Boss Blues Driver, Klon Centuar and a Seymour Duncan 805.


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EVH Kemper Profiles

EVH 5150 MKIII 100 6L6 Kemper Profiles

The official Eddie Van Halen amp that has musicians all around the world spiralling out of control! It’s robust, well-built and sounds HUGE! Offering a wide choice of tones this three channel beast has been profiled with the utmost care and attention to detail to offer a fat flavourful harmonically rich pack that will leave you wanting more and more. This pack now features 32 STUDIO only profiles with an update featuring a batch of direct profiles coming shortly.

Also included are 9 Eddie Van Halen MKIII settings as used by the man himself with a various cabs . All other studio profiles are currently profiled on a Zilla Fat Boy only but features boosts from the outstanding Fortin 33 and Grind pedals.

Want cleans, crunch, rock , metal and more? Good, this does it all!


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Diezel Einstein 100 Kemper Profiles

My personal favourite Diezel amplifier – The Einstein 100. Two channels with three uniquely voiced modes ready to pump out a huge monstrous tone . Clear, crisp, tight and more it can do it all! Cleans , crunch and blistering high gain metal it’s a real killer of an amp and it has my personal seal of approval.

This pack currently features 21 DIRECT , 26 STUDIO and 2 MERGED profiles plus a boost from my custom MentaL OD pedal from all profiled with a single Mesa Boogie 4×12 cabinet. The next update should be released before February including a wider range of boosts .

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Marshall JMP Super Lead (1976) – Kemper Profiles

Considered the holy grail of Marshall tone this pack contains a very special high gain modded input built in the 70’s. Profiled using various jumps this pack is a work in progress but offers 31 authentic studio profiles and 31 direct profiles ready for immediate playing. If you’re looking for that famous JMP tone but with a bit more of a rounded sound then get this pack! Not all amps are created equal and this head is a cut above the rest – it has that special ‘sound’ and profiled with all 100w of power you surely are going to get something flavourful.

Cabs currently include Zilla and David Laboga at various EQ stages. More updates are rolling out actively through January 2018.

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PRS Archon 100 Kemper Profiles

A true 100w beast of an amp. The PRS Archon 100 is a high gain no-nonsense amp that does one thing and one thing only and that’s pure tonal aggression.. With uniquely voiced mids , tons of saturation and a tightness that can only be matched with a tube screamer this pack is a work-in-progress but certainly packs a punch. Currently featuring 13 STUDIO only profiles our PRS Archon 100 Kemper Profiles pack is a sure MUST-BUY for any hard rocking metal head.

The clean channel is lovely, it does what you expect but the lead channel, WOW ! that’s where it’s at! If you’re looking for a modern killer tone then this is it! We profiled this beast with a Mesa Boogie 4×12 , SM57/MD421 combo plus included two boosts from Mike Fortin (Fortin 33 and Fortin Grind).

It’s simple, you play metal? get this pack… you want high gain? Get this pack! Updates are coming in January 2018 so enjoy this little early xmas gift from RZ!


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(BUNDLE) High Gain Kemper Profile Pack

Looking for a huge collection of high gain Kemper profiles then look no further than our current high gain bundle. Amassing a whopping collection of 1103 profiles this 12 amp pack is surely going to keep you going indefinitely. Each amp pack includes the full retail download available from our store (totalling $180) so get these 12 amps for half price! a huge saving and an even better collection of profiles.

Amplifier DIRECT Profiles MERGED Profiles STUDIO Profiles Total number
Overall 288 28 787 1103
Bogner Uberschall Twin Jet 0 0 58 58
Diezel VH4 30 0 62 92
Engl Savage 120 23 0 53 78
Framus Dragon 22 0 46 68
Marshall JCM 900 High Gain MKII 25 0 53 78
Marshall JVM410H 16 20 137 173
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier REV F 58 0 86 144
Mesa Boogie Mark V 38 0 38 76
Orange Rockerverb MKII 50 18 0 125 143
Peavey 6505 19 8 67 94
Peavey JSX 16 0 24 40
Soldano SL60 23 0 38 61

PS – all future updates to this pack are free!


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