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Uncle Mark

A crunchy moderate gain tone made from the Mark 1 mode of the Mesa Boogie Mark V. This profile is smooth and balanced for all guitars but sits perfectly with any humbucker.  Extensively refined for clarity perfect for a rhythm or lead player you’ll want it the moment you hear it , take a listen;

To enable the lead effects click the DELAY/REVERB inputs on your Kemper. Studio , Merged and DIRECT profiles are included as per norm for our OOAK profiles so – ENJOY!

Head : Mesa Mark V | Cab : Mesa Boogie 4×12 | Mic : Sennheiser MD421 | Boost : None

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The Queen

Everyone knows The Queen which is a fitting title for this profile made with our Marshall 2555X Silver Jubilee. Designed and refined with our Fender Texas Custom Shop pickups this single coil based profile works wonderful with any Stratocaster based guitar. Roll back the gain and it cleans up lovely or keep the volume full for a nice crunchy bite perfect for a blue rock lead tone. Take a listen of our small sample taken with the aforementioned pickups;

It’s responsive , snappy and yet smooth at the same time , just the optimal amount of everything for a Strat. Studio , Merged and DIRECT profiles are included.

Head : Marshall 2555X | Cab : David Laboga 2×12 | Mic : Shure SM57 | Boost : None

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The Destroyer

The Destroyer is a high gain no nonsense profile crafted to obliterate your speakers. Refined using a Strandberg Boden OS 7 with EMG-X pickups this no-nonsense profile is pure metal. Included is a single STUDIO , DIRECT and MERGED with the same settings but how does it sound? lets find out!

As you can hear, perfect for a raw aggressive metal tone.

Head : Krank REV 1 | Cab : Framus 2×12 | Mic : Shure SM57 | Boost : None

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Bogner Uberschall Twin Jet Kemper Profiles

This pack is coming soon – you can pre order in advance. 

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Randall Diavlo RD 20 Kemper Profiles

HIGH GAIN MADNESS – that is all that can be said about this amp.  The perfect solution for the metal enthusiast. It’s raw – mean and the cleans are surprisingly ok too! The amp comes with a build in overdrive to really crank the power of the tubes and drive more gain. It’s literally as raw as an amp can be. Included in this pack are; 10 DIRECT profiles and 14 STUDIO profiles with our MESA and BOGNER 4×12 and various mics with more coming soon.

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Orange AD140 Kemper Profiles

One of the more rarer Orange heads to find in this day and age the British made Orange AD140 offers users a variety of tonal options over two differently voiced channels . Channel one offers a more bass heavy and smooth tone whilst the second is tighter and pushes more mids. We have put together a collection of 14 DIRECT only profiles for your enjoyment. Profiled at various EQ and gain stages this pack covers cleans, crunch, blues rock and anything in between.

This is an up and coming pack with more profiles coming soon – including direct boosted profiles – merged and studio.

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Mesa Boogie Mark V Kemper Profiles

Considered the grand daddy – The Mesa Boogie Mark V takes the previous Mark IV to the next level. With endless tonal options this three channel mammoth really is a juggernaut. This pack currently featured 38 DIRECT profiles (with all channels / modes profiled at full 90w power) plus 6 STUDIO profiles based on the following settings; John Petrucci, Ola Englund and Willie Adler.

This pack is a work in progress with more STUDIO profiles coming plus sound samples – but trust me, they sound killer! 

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(CUSTOM) Kemper Profiles

Looking for a specific sound for your Kemper? Is there something missing from your tone or are you wanting a more ‘personal’ touch then this is for you! With our custom Kemper profiling system we will take the sound you’re wanting and turn it into a playable profile sourced from real equipment. We have many amps , cabs and microphones in stock and whilst we may not have the physical amplifier or other materials used we can still work and compromise to get that tone you so desire.

Each profile is 100% unique to you and won’t be shared or distributed else where. It’s a custom profile tailored to your requirements. We will use dual microphones, pedals whatever it takes to try to replicate that tone with our equipment . Turn around time is between 3-5 days permitting schedule but possibly sooner. If you’re not satisified with the initial profile we can attempt it once more.

We can set the profile either as a MERGED or STUDIO profile depending on what you want. We offer up to three custom profiles so you can request a clean, rhythm and lead tone with effects for an additional $5.

Buy with confidence, choose ReampZone. 

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Jet City JCA20H Kemper Profiles (Stock)

Designed by Mike Soldano himself – the Jet City JCA20H is a single channel amp designed for a modern yet versatile tone. Currently profiled as stock we will offer a modified custom version half price in the future for all customers who buy this pack. Currently a DIRECT ONLY pack  (featuring 15 high quality profiles) we have captured the clean, crunch, rock and high gain tones direct from the head plus many pedal boosts also (including Mesa Boogie Flux OD, Seymour Duncan 808, Klon Centaur, Boss Blues Driver, MXR Wylde Overdrive, Keeley TS … just to name a few).

Initially made for those unable to afford a Soldano SLO100 this is often considered the next best thing especially considering how versatile the head is right off the bat. If you’re looking for more tonal options, this is for you. A head no longer made, highly sought after for its modding abilities and now profiled ready for instant download. ENJOY!


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Peavey Classic 30 Kemper Profiles

A small limited run of heads exist for the Peavey Classic 30 before being transformed into the current combo version that is on sale today. This is the original that was put on sale and you can consider it the best. A two channel amplifier which covers crystal cleans to a dirty crunch  often reminiscent of a vintage amplifier. Whilst packing 30 watts Peavey included three 12AX7 and four EL84 tubes into this head giving you a lot of tone under the hood, some may call this excessive but I think it serves its purpose.

Pack currently featured 14 DIRECT profiles and 13 STUDIO profiles including various boosts from third party pedals including: Klon Centaur, Duncan 805, Boss Blues Driver, Mesa Boogie Flux Overdrive and a Suhr Riot.

More updates coming soon!

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