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ENGL E580 DA Profiles


Are you planning to profile your VHT GP3, too ?

Friedman Runt 50 Profile Uploaded. Would love some feedback!

Thanks I’ll try it out.

Runt 50 Profile uploading now. Would love some feedback!

Hey all, decided to try my hand at this profiling thing, and since I don’t see any Friedman Runt 50 profiles up I thought I would try mine. It’s a combo amp, but I replaced the Creamback with a Scumback BM-75. Two mics: Sennheiser 609 on axis, SM57 off. Let me know what you think! I’d love some feedback, as this is my first attempt.

It’s called Stumblin Runt Crunch. Thanks guys!


[LRS] 1976 Fender BandMaster Profile Happy 4th!

Cool, thanks!

Tone request: Since I’ve Been Loving You, Led Zeppelin


I’ll try and ask this one a little differently…

How can I get sustain on a clean tone. Check out this clip from, Ayla. That sustain goes on for like, eva

Calling experts: this tone?

Any pointers on how I might dial in a tone like this.

The thing that sticks out to me the most is that “twang” in the picking and raking. Such a sexy tone.


Brad paisley tone (Paisley drive deluxe)

Thanks for your reply! Is it the ac20 morgen profile from the rigexchange?

1400+ Free Profiles !!! Many DI Profiles of Axe Fx 2, Helix, Vetta and Real Amps for Guitar and Bass, Pedals and Poweramponly Profiles … enjoy!

Right now i have a bit over 1400 Free Rigs online! yay! Download them now because soon they will be updated and then only the best stay online

My First Direct Profile

20 watt Friedman Pink Taco. Pretty hi-gain using a strat with vintage style pickups.

Most everything flat (tube shape 3.3) so you can adjust to your liking. I used a OwmHammer Raw 15 from the GNR pack in the Cab section and it sounded pretty good.

Would love feedback of any kind. Being my first shot I need to learn how to refine DI profiling. (my place is WAY too small to mic a cab properly)

Name: Friedman Pink Taco DI-1
Author: Don

[LRS] Marshall 8100 – Let’s Make a Tone Match Profile – Thrash Metal?

Hi All,

Picked this amp up and am loving it actually.

The amp has a single 12AX7 (which I meticulously rolled to find the perfect fit) in the preamp and a solid state power amp. I have an idea of eventually running this preamp into the power section of the Meshuggah amp…Hmmm.

On to the point of this post. The amp has a filtered line out which I am thinking will be the perfect fit to apply some EQ matching to get some band specific tones.

For those not familiar this amp was used by bands such as Static X, Prong, ZZ Top, Death and many others. Both live and in the studio.

So, help me pick a guitar tone to match. I will need the isolated guitar track to match.

Bring the suggestions!

All the Best,

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