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U2 One – Rigs

Hi everybody,
I try to find the effects for playing One of U2.
Do you know if there are rigs on Kemper and if so, how can I get it ?

neural dsp fortin plugins

thanks for these heinrich house please make more did u use the the gate on them

Free Mesa Lonestar Profiles from Tone Junkie

Here you go guys, wanted to share these with you…

Catalinbread RAH running through Dirty Shirley

Here is a freebie of a Catalinbread RAH pedal running though a Dirty Shirley 40 miced up with an m160 through greenbacks. Hope you all enjoy it!

10 Amazing Free Profiles from Mattfig

Featuring 10 FREE studio profiles of BE100 2.0, Sheeva, Lil’ Buddy, Dime Pack, CC30, Deth Pack and MORE!!!!!
All I ask is, if you dig, please support me at

Is there a good Tony Iommi pack out there?

Specifically looking for his Volume 4 / Sabotage tone, but anything from the OG albums would be good.
Given Sabbath’s popularity I’d be surprised if nothing exists. But I couldn’t find much by doing searches.

Any profiles of the Marshall Astoria custom

free or paid doesn’t matter

L.A. profile

Anyone knows a profile that sounds like solo in Richard Marx/Angelia or Michel Bolton/How am I supposed to live without you?
Kind regards/Ehg

Good free surf rock profiles?

I need to make a surf rock cover
What are good surf rock profiles?
I guess I need to play with single coils strat, so what switch position is the most “classic” for surf rock? I have a strat with EMG alnico “single coils”, that will have to do it.
This is completely new territory for me personally so I need some advice

[LRS] 1980’s Peavey Bandit 65 Solid State Profiles – Free – MT-2 Added

In the spirit of nostalgia please see the attached group of profiles of a 1980’s Peavey Bandit 65 Solo Series solid state amp.
Ok, so this is a solid state open back 1×12 combo amp, now you know what to expect
One that maybe a few of us played years ago, like coming up on 40???
Here is a link to some history on…Peavey_Bandit_History.pdf
Love or hate, bring your thoughts or experiences with this amp and maybe I will do some more profiles of it.

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