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Free Orange TH30 Combo Profiles by Deadlight Studio

Hey guys,
today i was visited by someone to profile his Orange TH30 1×12 Combo.
We thought we share the Profiles for free!
Its one clean..and one dirty
You can download them here:…adlight%20Studio.rar?dl=0
I will put them also up at the Rigexchange
Have fun!

Nick K Friedman PT20 free sample!

Just started profiling Friedman Pink Taco, and here is a free sample for you guys to check it out!
Friedman PT20 and Marshall Greenback box.

GoT 2016 Advent (Bundle) – NOW FREE! Boutique-y goodness!

Our newsletter subscribers have already received the good news … but you can now download the GoT 2016 ADVENT CALENDAR (bundle of randomly picked profiles of the GoT armoury as it stood back in Dec 2016) FOR FREE ! Grab it quick before we change our minds and try-before-you-buy with the GoT sampler bundle
GeT it here :…
and riff on!

Christmas Clean – A profile for the holidays!

Hope you guys enjoy my profile “Christmas Clean”. It’s the clean channel of a VHT amp. The channel is notoriously noisy, but the Kemper handled it like a champ. It’s a beautiful clean profile, here is a sound clip:
Happy Holidays, guys! Hope Santa brings you all the joy in the world!

Evh 5150 , blue channel presets ??

Hi !
I had an Evh 5150 (5153 then), 50w, a few years ago.
I cannot find a profile (or buy, whatever) a profile that even come close to the blue channel of that amp !
It was like real juicy, aboslutely not agressive …
Anyone can recommend some (or one ) good 5153 presets ???

GoT Friedman Phil-X *Exclusive* FREEBIE Studio Profile

Here’s an EXCLUSIVE FREEBIE of the FRIEDMAN PHIL-X !…0-25%2010-37-10.kipr?dl=0

Peavey Invective profiles?

Hi everyone, are there any free profiles of such amp?
Alternatively, do you know any company that sells commercial profiles of the Peavey Invective?
Many thanks

Full set of Marshall JVM to Rectifier cab profiles

I borrowed this Marshall JVM 410H to make a full pack, but I much prefer my Marshall 30th Anniversary head.
I felt there was no point in making a full pack that wasn’t as good as a pack already on sale.
But I did make a full set across all the channels and modes to Mesa cab.
Download for free m/…cda544eb16ea70a3a7674b934

What do you think is the best Stock profile??

i found a bunch of profiles i like over the past 2 years…but when in doubt i always go back to the one called “AC Top Boost”….to me this sounds indistiguishable to all the AC´s i tried before i settled for the Kemper…

Acoustic Bodyrez from Blugeniale

Tried the Bodyrez profiles from Blugeniale at the RE today with my piezo guitar (Godin LR Baggs). Try them out. For me they are better than the professional profiles I’ve got, when I wan’t to achieve a tone with the best acoustical feeling. (So without redundant FX and artificial attempts to make a guitar sound acoustic but ending up in making it sound atmospheric. That is also nice if you like that but I want it to sound as acoustic as possible.) Don’ t know how to rate, but in my opinion these are clearly five star profiles. Thank you Blugeniale.

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