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Hail to the King tone help

So I’ve had my KPA for quite some time now and love the tones I get out of it, but one of the main reasons I got one was to have many different rhythm tones for my band (high gain hard rock/metal)
My favorite rhythm tone of all time is from Hail to the King – Avenged Sevenfold. Somethin’ about the way the gain crunches and punches through without being muddy.. ANYWAY they said they used Syn’s signature Hellwin head for the album but I couldn’t find any profiles of that head so does anyone have a rig they think sounds similar to it? The main thing I’m looking for is the palm mutes, I can tweak the held notes after no problem. Thanks guys
Crunchy high gain palm mutes pls.

Best profiles for Classic Rock covers?

Hi there,
I am a KPA owner for a couple of months now and I was wodering, if you could help me out with some tips re good sounding profiles for Classic rock covers.
I play mainly one of two guitars in a classic rock cover band. We play songs of: Hendrix, Zepplin, Bad Company, Clapton, Moore, Deep Purple, ZZ Top, Cream, CCR, Lenny Kravitz, etc.
I have an unpowered KPA and a DXR10 speaker. I would like to play the KPA at smaller gigs just through the DXR10, without a PA. So far I have been experimenting with free profiles and ReampZone profiles, mainly DI profiles combined with Redwirez IRs as I feel that the studio profiles, which are often captured through a SM57 turn pretty brittle and harsh when the volume is increased.
I have a few sounds, which I think could work live, however I would be happy, if you could recommend a few profiles free or commercial, ideally profiles, which you play yourself and have proven to sound good live to cover the bands named above.
Thx in advance for your help.

Marshall 8100 free test profile

Doing some tests with original made in UK Marshall 8100 valvestate (as was used by Chuck Schuldiner and others).
Would love opinions on this. I think it sounds…f0ff06ce4b70a34c5246deb8f

The cab maker

Just got the KPA. Im a new convert from the Fractal dimension and im happy to be here its night and day. Its like Fractal is the matrix and KPA is the alive world. I sound alive now. The cab maker says it converts Ir cabs to the Kemper but I cant find the location of the cabs I converted and how do you know what cab your using abnyway.?

Looking for mr. Perry Harks author of a rig named Metallica Moth

Not sure if this is the right forum, feel free to move this post.
Anyway, I found this rig on RM, named “Metallica Moth” and I’d like to contact the author because it’s the first rig I found that really fits my guitar and playstyle.
I’d like to thank him for the rig and, maybe, steal any other rigs he possibly made (ATM there’s only this one on RM, but maybe you have more in your pocket).
If you are here dear Perry, send me a sign

Komet 60 request?

There’s some mention of komet 60 in some threads but I can’t find a profile of it. Any help would be appreciated. Thx!!!

(BUNDLE) High Gain Kemper Profile Pack

Looking for a huge collection of high gain Kemper profiles then look no further than our current high gain bundle. Amassing a whopping collection of 1103 profiles this 12 amp pack is surely going to keep you going indefinitely. Each amp pack includes the full retail download available from our store (totalling $180) so get these 12 amps for half price! a huge saving and an even better collection of profiles.

Amplifier DIRECT Profiles MERGED Profiles STUDIO Profiles Total number
Overall 288 28 787 1103
Bogner Uberschall Twin Jet 0 0 58 58
Diezel VH4 30 0 62 92
Engl Savage 120 23 0 53 78
Framus Dragon 22 0 46 68
Marshall JCM 900 High Gain MKII 25 0 53 78
Marshall JVM410H 16 20 137 173
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier REV F 58 0 86 144
Mesa Boogie Mark V 38 0 38 76
Orange Rockerverb MKII 50 18 0 125 143
Peavey 6505 19 8 67 94
Peavey JSX 16 0 24 40
Soldano SL60 23 0 38 61

PS – all future updates to this pack are free!


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Mark V Clean

On the RIG EX “RZ_MesaMarkV_X01”.
Clean channel – Fat + Bold -> Custom DL cab with A-TYPE speaker . Using my new pre amp for vintage stuff and then some other power amp stuff im working on. Slot A has a compressor also incase you need it.
It’s pretty clean clean so enjoy.

Teeny Tiny Feet Profile (TAF)

Hi All,
A little late to the party on this one, but does anyone know if the ‘Teeny Tiny Feet’ profile from TAF is still available, or has been renamed…tried downloading from TAF site, but keep getting ‘no downloadable files found’.
Thanks Guys and Gals

Naming of TAF profiles

I’ve got TAF profiles and they are named like “LP-Amp Tim”, “LP-Amp WL-“, LP-Amp AC-“, “LP-Amp DM+”, “LP-Amp BP-“.
LP is Les Paul. So far, so clear.
But what is WL, AC, DM and BP?
Does anybody know this?

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