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Fortin Meshuggah Profiles wanted

Probably the most sought after metal amp in the last few months.
Anyone got one that’s profiled? Merged/Direct?

Mesa Boogie Mark V profiles

Hey guys, I just created a couple of clips using the Mark IIC+ and Mark IV channels of my Mark V.
Here’s a short sound clip of the profiles in a mix. The track is Spirit in Black by Slayer.
The profiles are called Mefa Noogie Boost A and B on the Rig Exchange.

FREE Marshall 100W 1972 JMP direct profile.

Marshall 100 W JMP direct profile.
Well, I would like your input, especially you guys that have the powered Kempers… this is a direct profile.
I EQ’d with greenback 4×12 cabinet so if you are using vintage 30s or other speakers, you’re on your own… Or, if you are adding a cabinet to it, you are on your own…
This, in my opinion, is more of a hard rock profile and definitely not a death metal type of tone…
Let me know what you think guys!
(Ps/// I forgot to move the volume in the amp section back to zero, I had to add 2 DB to compare sound with a bunch of other DI profiles I did with the same amplifier… )…6%20%2012-24-26.kipr?dl=0

Genz Benz El Diablo 60/30

I just acquired a Genz Benz El Diablo 60/30 combo. This is my second Benz Benz. Built like a tank and almost as heavy as one. Two channel, one clean and one high gain. The amp has active EQ on both channels, a vintage/modern switch, a compression/boost switch, a tube contour control and a global attack switch. it also has reverb on both channels and an overall master. I have the Black Pearl from Benz and this is a totally different thing. The clean channel is very nice and it can be dialed up a bit for a slight crunch. The high gain channel is very Mesa like in most respects. But with all the controls, it has a lot of sounds. At lower gain settings is has a Fender sound to me and then it switches to Mesa Recti sound as the gain goes up. Not many Marshall sounds to my ears, but with the active EQ, this thing has a ton of sounds. I also added in a few new Marshall SLX profiles that are a bit on the dark side.
I’m also working on a set of Zeppelin profiles. I’ve got couple and when I get a few more done, I’ll put them up here. They will be from what ever amp I can find that gets close to the tone. I’m also going to try and use the correct guitar on these, some Tele, Some LP, etc. In the process I’m learning a few more Zep tunes!
These will be under Hays on the exchange.

Zakk Wylde od to 6505 to recto cab. m/

Found my old Zakk Wylde overdrive behind a 4×12 cab in the studio today.
Decided to try it out for a reamping job.
Nice saturated but tight sound into 6505 green channel in crunch mode to recto cab.
Free to…d4182f78ba4ec80a6e545a003

Protip for a killer Hair Metal tone

1. Download the “JMP50 1976 CRANKED” profile by NIELS from the Rig Exchange
2. Kick a Overdrive Pedal such as Boss SD-1 or Tubescreamer in front of the Kemper
3. You now have a better sound than any modded marshall that you’ll come across(IMO ofc )

Sitar sounds with the profiler

(This is a years-later follow-up to the locked thread at Sitar sounds, please, because some things have changed since then)
We’ve been talking about sitar sounds on a facebook group thread the last couple of days. The thread above comes up in searches, but people were having trouble finding the rig, so I figured I’d post some info here for the next person to search!
The rig you’re looking for is called ‘PITCH Wide Sitar 2’, and it can be found from Rig Manager in the ‘Tutorial Pitch Effects’ rig pack.
Use a piezo pickup (ideal) or the most ‘acoustic-like’ pickup otherwise (on my elite strat I use the middle pickup). Play as close to the bridge as possible.
The KPA can’t create the sympathetic drones from a sitar by itself, you have to modify how you play to get that sound. Use open strings below the string you’re going to use for the melodic part. You’ll need to tune those to match the key, but for starters playing a melody on the G and using the open A and D as drones works well.
Playing lead notes, try putting a very fast bend and back to pitch at the start of each note.
It ends up sounding like this (just messing around, you can hear a couple of instant ‘that’s not a sitar’ moments when I slide, you have to be really careful to avoid some techniques!)
Thanks to Sean Oakes who asked the question originally on the FB group and got me to investigate, and to everyone on the original thread. I own the EHX ravish and this isn’t quite as good but it’s certainly usable.

Dual amps profile Marshall JCM800/Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

I’ve uploaded on RE the rigs used during the song below.
Author = Supernanard
Names = Crunch, Crunch Delay, OD, Fuzz
Please could you tell me what you think about them ?
There are the first profiles I’ve done and worked on, I don’t know if they need to be improved…

new profiles added for Bass and some tweaks

Hi Guys,
It’s been a while since I uploaded stuff. Since I had positive feedback on some rigs, I felt like sharing some others.
I had great success profiling a David Eden bass pedal, called the WTDI, which has some nice low end. The Kemper seems to remove some, but it’s still a useful starting point. I modelled a few basses.
-David Eden wtdi fender (for a fender precision with emg’s)
-David Eden wtdi fender b (alternate profile )
-David Eden wtdi cln ernie ball (for an ernie ball 5 string )
-David Eden wtdi cln b ernie ball (alternate profile )
-David Eden wtdi frtls (for a bass fender fretless with stock passive pickups)
-ErnieBass x73i 1 (a profile running through a Vintech X73i preamp pinned for ernie ball 5 strg bass, it’s ok)
-JTM50 chn 2 vol 8 mxr5 (from my very first attempt at profiling, with somewhat ok results, this profile has the old 1966 cab, and a brighter sound that breaks up in a weird way, maybe a bit reminiscent of early AC/DC kinda, sorta …)
-JTM50-70’s cab chn 2 d alt mids ( this profile has an alternate mid sound, almost like there’s a wah, but there isn’t. The gain meter is wrong because it has more gain then it would indicate as there is an overdrive pedal on. Reminds me of early Black Sabbath territory, but dialled back a bit)
-1959RR ch2 vol6 boost (maybe my favourite profiling session. I ended up dialing in the gain much higher after profiling, as some users were favouring doing that, so even though the amp was profiled at medium gain, it does a good job at higher gain, something I’ve learned is a good trick to remember. Anyway, this is a re-issue Randy Rhoads 1959 marshall JMP 100 w with a power soak and it’s fun)
1959RR ch2 vol6 boost 2 (brighter version, maybe I like better)
You can find these all by searching my name-
David G Burns

Nice and dirty Rockabilly-Profiles

I am obliged to a Rockabilly-Recording-Project and I am looking for dirty Rockabilly-Rhythm and -Lead-sounds. A nice Ambience-Delay should also be implied. It would be nice to receive some recommendations on free profiles from the database.
Thanks in advance

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