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Mix Ready EQ Mesa Mark V

IMO it sounds really-really good! Thanks man!

Hot tone wood (acoustic simulator)

Try searching “nylon” on the rig exchange.

NEW: ViViX Rig Pack

This is a new new pack including 9 Rigs provided by Masahiro Aoki.

Masahiro Aoki, founder of ViViX Inc. has been gathering talented young guitar players to electrify the Asian guitar scene. ViViX has been selling modern and versatile Rigs to help young guitarists understand what properly mic’ed guitar tones should sound like. The tone of these PROFILEs can be heard in Masahiro’s work on the Street Fighter V soundtrack, and now KEMPER PROFILER users have the chance to experience his high quality ViViX Rigs for themselves.

Orange OR 15 merged

Hi! I am new to profiling and started with my OR15. Check out the profiles and give me any feedback. Thanks!

Soldano profiles now more important than ever

Say what you will, but it is being made by a third party. That can be good or bad, but it is not the craftsmanship work of the actual creator. If that is how you want to look at it. Will Pablo do a better job than Mike Soldano? Who knows. I love my Diezel Herbert, hopefully they wont go that route. I know they make the cabs with that company.

Point is, should the cost be the same if it is not truly ’boutique’? Can you classify a third party a boutique? I despise anything China and avoid if at all possible. At least this is in the USA. For now.

Tubedriver103 Profile by Gian

Can’t found that member so i take this way to say thx for this profile.

I never played such a dynamic and sensitive profile.

Hope to see more !

Marshall JVM free profile bundle

Thanks for posting! tried them out and they are all very good… I just took off the 1.5 volume boost in the post amp EQ (really loud in comparison to my other profiles), and they work great! Appreciate it!

The Sin and The Sentence – Trivium; Profile Wanted!

There’s a free profile in Rig Exchange Deadlight Studio’s ”Ada MP-1 mod EL-34” try that.

Free Bass Guitar Profiles Suggestions?

I made a quick recording and I’m almost ashamed of putting it out here, but this is the direct signal!

Oh nice! Managed to get close to the tone?…%20DI%20Popes666.mp3?dl=0

friedman jj100 clean direct on rig exchange

Quote from drs448

Awesome! When is the pack coming out?

i’m not allowed to discuss paid products dude but you can inbox me with any Qs.

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