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Fender Super-Sonic with an Orange Cabinet?

Hi Guys,
I’ve been searching the web and rig manager and I am looking for a
profiled Fender Super-Sonic with an Orange Cabinet, anyone come across that? such a unique sound!

Two Notes LeLead

Hi all,

I am a very happy Kemper user I have to say. It is such an inspiring tool and quickly became the center of my creative work for song writing, recording and live use. Time for me to give something back to this great community here and to all those who shared great profiles. So here’s the starting point. Just shared a bunch of profiles of my Two Notes LeLead preamp on the RigExchange.

I know it is not a $3000 killer amp and it will not sound like those. But in the time before I owned the Kemper I got very good results of it on recordings with good IRs and through the legendary Two Notes speaker simulation. And it still sounds good to me. My Kemper profiles enabled me to quickly change the settings – which was never easily possible by just tweaking the knobs….

Part of the profiles are direct without cab or speaker emulation and another part is done via the Two Notes emulated DI out of the LeLead. I profiled them through my SPL Track One channel strip which typically thickens the sound a bit but without compression or EQing. Just added some of the Air band there for some shimmering highs. Tweaking the Definition parameter (especially lowering it for the higher gain profiles) works very well with them.

Tried to be comprehensive in the naming and tags, hopefully that fits and all of you find something useful in it. Feedback greatly appreciated.

First created profiles – Wow!

Hi all,

just created my first profiles.

I took my Hughes & Kettner Black Spirit Solid State Amp with its four channels and tried my first profiling effort.
And what can I say – I am really impressed how easy and smooth the process was and how close (at least to my ears) the profiles come to the original BS200.

If You like, have a listen.

Best, Adrian

Updated Engl Savage 120 Profile with V30s

I decided to update my Engl Savage profiles today, much better than the old ones thanks to better mics and techniques. Also, the cab has V30s in it, which may suit more people.

Moderator Notice:In most cases, Soundcloud uses a bandwidth of only 128 kbps. As a result, what you hear isn’t free of artefacts, especially the high end. For critical listening and also product comparison, please keep that in mind. Users who setup a comparison should use linear wave files and supply dropbox links.

Profile is on the rig exchange under Indian Savage Rage 1.

Let me know what you think.

Profiles that include good effects

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there are any good profiles that include effect.
Like profiles suited for a certain song.

For example i am looking for a lead sound for all along the watchtower, and a lead setting for a gary moore sound and some patches for purple rain by prince
I have found some good amp tones, but no all ready to go, lead patches with effects and everthing added.
Are these profiles out there?

Michael from Holland.

My First share to RE, tell me how I did?

Uploading to Rig Exchange / Rig Manager is definitely the preferred way.

New Fender Harvard 1961 Profile in the exchange!

Thank you!

What are your favourite rigs proven live on stage?

There is this wonderful thread on the forum about favourite rigs: What are “your” hidden gems in Rig Exchange? Post your best finds here …
I found some great rigs there. I want to elaborate on this thread:

I have a powered toaster, with a passive cabinet (JBL 15″), monitor cab off.
After having tried the Kemper live on stage I soon found out that a lot of rigs lack body and sound thin, to put it simply. I was for example dissapointed with the TopJimi Brown Sound rigs. They sound great on bedroom level but live there’s simply not enough meat to cut through the mix and I hate compensating this with adding more db’s.

So my question to you is: what are your favourite rigs proven live on stage?

Dual Rectifier rev F profiles for free :-)

Hi all

I have made some interesting profiles of my DR rev F (settings used by M.Tremonti, Andy Sneap on Nevermore DHDW album, DR with Big Muff, zero treble with pushed mids and presence trick, Lichtbringer boost pedal…). They are Direct amp profiles with CAB attached. Try them and I would welcome some feedback from you.



(FREE IR)Profiling, Cab in the room and Cab IR’s Question/Discussion

Dang, not a single darn person want to talk about this???

Well I don’t know how many of you use your own IR’s so here’s a couple I created. Import them to Rig Manager and you can drag and drop them to your profiler.

This is actually an IR of 3 cabs. A HESU V212 Demon loaded and mic with a 421, a Bogner UberKab with a R121 on the V30, and a Friedman BE100 cab with a SM57 on the G12M. I have 5 IR’s that were mixed to get the sound in the room, my favorite mix, a slight mid boost, and 2 levels of high cut from the mid boost settings.

The IR’s are thick, have some major thump, buttery mids, and screaming highs. If I were to explain it in as and EQ the overall sound signature is like a “W” EQ. These are primarly for high gain, but work well with crunch and cleans too.

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