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Has anyone profiled the Sansamp “Geddy Lee” Tech 21 GED 2112?I saw a related thread that was never replied to. This popped up “The last reply was more than 60 days ago, this thread is most likely obsolete. It is recommended to create a new thread instead. So I thought I would ask around once again

General presets exchange topic.

I want to start a topic where evryone can share their favourite presets without a need to share it with a RIG .
Since you can easly load/save presets with ToastME just by placing the presets to the respective folder in “DocumentsToastME_Presets” i was thinking it may be now easy to share them.

I want to share two FX presets:
Reverb preset with natural reverb for all genere and Chorus preset with Dimension D like chorus:
By the way , why I can not upload kipr file type to the forum ?

Tone Junkie Free Pack

Absolutely incredible tones here.…unkie-kemper-sampler-pack

anyone has a Rhodes Suitcase (or Wurli A200 series) they could profile ?

hey everyone, i was thinkin it would be nice to try out the Kemper with some virtual instruments or sample players to get a bit more lively sound out of modeled or sampled emulations of those e-pianos (or connect a passive Rhodes when i find a good affordable one around here someday) … the built in amp/speaker all have a very special characteristic … haven’t played one in ages but can still remember the magic of the sound.
i’m trying to convince a friend to do it, he’s a backliner and possibly has access to both and a bunch of cool Mics… but he doesn’t have a Kemper and lives in another country so it’s not looking good …

… i’m waiting for a new keyboard to arrive later this week (i’m moving away from plugins and wanted sth i could just switch on and play like the Kemper) which has pretty good emulations and will give it a go with the guitar amp profiles … i used to do it with amp modlers and/or IRs but it was always such a fuzz to set it up but now with the Kemper i might as well … i’ll let you know how it goes …. but in any case it sure would be nice to have the originals profiled so if anyone has some connections to make this happen i could maybe provide some motivation

here are some pics of the beasts there are several versions, i’m not lookin for any one in partiular:

Ozric Tentacles

Hi, any Ozric fans on here? Just wondered what profiles you have found for Ed Wynnes’ sound. Thanks in advance.

7 string metal/shred profiles?

Need some help finding a good 7 string metal shred profile. Suggestions?

John Sykes tone profiles?

in Rig Manager/Rig Exchange, type in ‘Coliseum’ and use a Les Paul.
Also check out the Michael Wagener Rig Pack!

“For much of the Whitesnake ’87 album and first Blue Murder album John used 2 Mesa Boogie Coliseum heads. These amps have a Mark III pre-amp section but use six 6L6 power tubes”

Two profiles – Marshall DSL20HR

Hi guys

So this is my first foray into making profiles.
I’m just getting my feet wet, but I thought I’d share them with you guys.

The amp is the recently released Marshall DSL20HR head, and the cab is the PRS Mark Tremonti signature cab – a beast of a 1×12.

The profiles can be found in the rig exchange under author “Michael DK”, with the names MARS DSL20 V30 A MDK and MARS DSL20 V30 B MDK, respectively.

Rather than starting out simple, I’ve routed the signal through the DAW :
The “A” profile is made with a Slate ML-1 mic, using the U67 model (I think). The “B” profile is made with the Slate ML-2 mic, which was multed in the daw to two tracks, one with the vintage sm57 model, and one with the Royer R121 model. Both profiles have hade some light EQ treatment and whatnot.

They are both fairly gainy, but not modern metal levels.

Hope you like them! Leave a comment if you try them out, both good and bad feedback is appreciated.
I will probably make a bunch more profiles in the future.

Jeega DI profiles

I opened this thread to present my creations made with Kemper’s DI.

The aim is for these profiles to sound good on traditional guitar cab. Usually I use 2×12 w/different speakers, currently with Kemper I am very happy with this open back Vox loaded with a Mesa Black Shadow C90 and a Vox by Wharfedale GSH1230-8. Usually I use the profiles excluding the cabinet with the appropriate button and with a few tricks they sound very real both as a response to the touch and as a sound.

I currently have several tube heads, I started profiling a Bugera G5 Infinium to practice and I created two profiles that I uploaded to Rig Exchange (user: Jeega).
The next heads will be Brunetti Pirata 141 Valvemix (Modena, Italy) and a BRBS 100 Super Custom Overdrive by Sebastiano Barbirato (Ferrara, Italy), two craftsmen who create really beautiful amplifiers. In addition to some more widespread heads like Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100 etc …
I’ll try to profile friends’ amps too, I’m already thinking about a friend’s Splawn…
I have created a Dropbox folder which I provide the link below and which will be updated whenever possible by inserting the folder, some notes (… if changes have been made to the circuit, type of tubes …) and possibly the amplifier’s pic.

Excuse me always for my English but I use the Google translator. Ciao! Jeega, Italy.

DROPBOX LINK :…OYo_JGE0Vq_GpJ03nhda?dl=0

PRS Archon Profile (E906 + RB77DX mics)

Moderator Notice:In most cases, Soundcloud uses a bandwidth of only 128 kbps. As a result, what you hear isn’t free of artefacts, especially the high end. For critical listening and also product comparison, please keep that in mind. Users who setup a comparison should use linear wave files and supply dropbox links.

Was profiling on my birthday. This is a profile of a PRS Archon, the mics used were a Sennheiser E906 and a RB77DX ribbon microphone model on my Sphere mic.

Recorded with a single coil neck pickup. I didn’t crank a maximiser on the recording, do listen to it on headphones. And if you do decide to try the profile, sounds best at higher volumes.
(or was it
), I think you might like this. Clears up pretty nicely too.

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