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AFD 100 Marshall Rig Andy Mitchell

hy i´ve just uploaded a modified rig from Andy mitchell called LW AFD100 EPI (modified with epiphone guitar with passive emg 81/84)
please can someone chech them out for slash sounds especially for the UYI tone like locomotive etc.
Cause i think the secret in his Sound is to put a constant wah high pass filter with fixed Ratio 51% mixed to the original rig
thx to the Autor Andy mitchell

Nick K Profiles – Friedman BE100 free profile!

Hey guys! Here is the free profile from the upcoming Friedman BE100 pack. Marshall 1960A box with Celestion V30 speakers and BE100.
Hear it here
Feel free to share some feedback.

Here is a list of stuff thats largely missing from The Rig Exchange. Anywhere else to find these?

Milkman Amps:Sunn Amps:
A good clone of a model T or 1200’s cranked to full on doom would be amazingLaney Klipp & Supergroup:
Early Black Sabbath tones, I have one of the Klipp that is okay but the Supergroup would be great, A Klipp with the Klipp circuit engaged and cranked up would be awesome.Verellen Amps:
These guys make really interesting amps, sort of heavier high gain voiced but with good midrange, The Skyhammer and Meatsmoke are both awesome. I know a guy that has a Skyhammer so I may try to borrow it and get it done.Electric Amps USA:
Originally the US distributor of Matamp’s, these things are crushingly heavy doom machines and rare to come by since they aren’t really made anymore, the MV120 would be amazing.Fender Tweed Twins HP and LP:John Mayer PRS HeadBenson AmpsMarshall 4140 Gibson EH-185Greedtone JHI 100

looking for Eric Johnson Sound!!

Hola muchachos, I’m looking for Eric Johnson Sound!!

A Pair Of Big Muffs! (Inc Smashing Pumpkins Model)

BIG MUFFS! These tones are a sampler of the Big Muff Kemper pack that i’ll be releasing very soon: A collection of 40+ profiles using three different vintage and boutique big muffs, created using a variety of guitars with Muff only options, plus a a collection of different overdrives to add flavour, power and intensity to the tones.
The two in this sampler are a couple of my faves:
The 1970’s V4 Big Muff Pi, one of the original Op Amp variations of the pedal that was apparently the model that Billy Corgan used for most of Smashing Pumpkins ‘Siamese Dream’ and ‘Pisces Iscariot’ albums.
The second is a slightly more modern Black Russian Big Muff, released between the late 90’s into the 2000’s. These have an absolutely unreal low end that I find is just as useful for bass as it is for guitar, I also find them way more open and detailed than the more modern Big Muffs. For this tone, I ran a Mesa Boogie Flux Drive in front of it to drive the gain even harder while tightening up the lows and mids.
Please let me know what you think!
Download them from the attachment, or there’s a link over at:

Guess the amp?

Lately this has been my “go to” profile… Would be interesting if anybody could guess what “real world amp” it is…
I wont give any clues, just make a guess I have had this profile but never realy tried it because I was judgemental of the amp before I even tried it… Until I did… holy cow batman what a great sounding profile!!! (there is post-EQ done, and added chorus)
( I have not made the profile myself)
(testing it with some Hammerfall riffs)

Hi looking for Allan Holdsworth Sound!!

I am looking for Allan holdsworth Sound!! , I tried with many gear but i saw in Internet two Delay , etc

Anyone have a recommendation on Clean/Pop Profiles?

Although there are some Roland JC120 profiles uploaded in Rig Manager I cannot find one that has these characteristics:
– Clean and natural tone (like a JC120)
– Not overly EQ’d
– low/no noise
Any suggestions? Should I just buy the M.Britt Grab n Go Pack that includes a few of these profiles or is these something similar out there?

Where can i get those Profiles?

where can i get thos 2 Profiles?
*BG Mark V Djent” and “MG.Org recto Nolly” profiles.

Profile like this ?

Anyone know a Profile that comes close to this?

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