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Please help with Ghost band profile

I know that Ghost Uses Axe Fx units in their rig. I’d check the AXE FX forums for what anyone might suggest there and then dial it in on your Kemper.The band was talking about switching over to Kemper awhile back and then the line up changed DRASTICALLY as we all know now. I think the idea was lost in the shuffle.

Free Marshall 1981 JCM 800 with the high gain Jose mod

i’m back to the Kemper world and wanted to share a Profile from one of my packs.

Let me know what you think of it thanks.

Friedman BE-OD pedal Profiles

I’ve been running some test profiles of my Friedman BE-OD pedal.

It seems like the Kemper has an issue with this pedal, when refining the profile. It becomes VERY digital sounding, and completely loses the pedal’s sound during the refine profile process. So, I stopped using the refining.

Free EVH to Zilla Fatboy. Super tight high gain free profile

Got a great sound with EVH to Zilla Fatboy for a reamping job I’m doing.
Here’s a free Kemper Profile of the sound. EQed on the way in.

Thumas Rigs – BEST FREE Metal rigs bar none

I’ve suggested these many times. The “secret” is in the cabs. The “Mesa mk3 Merged 02” was my main rig for a while.

Diezel VH 4 free profiles

Hey guys! Here are 2 free profiles from the upcoming Diezel VH4 pack.

The infamous 3rd channel of the VH4 with Marshall 1960 box (Celestion Greenback speaker).

The first sound is the original profile, second sound is with added Green Scream for that extra push and bite. Third sound is solo variation of the original profile and the last one is the same thing with GS for all shredders out there!

Hope you will like it! Cheers

Cornell Romany Plus

Uploaded an updated profile to the Rig Exchange.


Uploaded updated profiles of the green and red channels to the Rig Exchange.

Free set of Vox Night Train 50 to Bogner Greenback cab

Vox Night Train 50 pack coming along well.
This will possibly be the nicest clean sound in your Kemper.
Full set with Bogner 4×12 Greenbacks free.

Free Marshall 8100 pack. 9 merged cabs

Free Marshall 8100 pack.
9 cabs of merged profiles.
Get the sound used by Chuck Schuldiner, Dino Cazares, Prong, Meshuggah etc.
Free download link at bottom of description on this link.

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