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High Gain Metal Tones

New Kemper user here and high gain lover, so I feel it’s wise for me to give my feedback at least for the things I have tried.

I started trying some free rigs to start with. It was OK. Definitely better than Amplitube 4 that I was using before but it didn’t give me that Wow Factor I was expecting and had heard about.

Then I went and bought SimMix’s Producer Pack I. I planned to do a quick trial of all the amps in the pack or at least that was the initial plan.

How little did I know.

I played for 4 hours straight and I’ve managed to check only 4 of the 19 amps included in the pack. (Randall Satan, Engl Savage, VHT Pittbull and Hesu Little Bastard)

I liked them all but I fell in love with Engl Savage profiles. If you told me that this will be the only profiles you’ll use from now and on I’d be OK with that.

Definitely a thumbs up for SinMix on that one!

VoiceLive3 and SetListMaker Controls Kemper Profiler

More about remote control kemper wirelessly with BlueBoard you’ll find here:Control Kemper Profiler wirelessly with BlueBoard

Control Kemper Profiler wirelessly with BlueBoard

I like the idea to control the kemper wirelessly. Normaly I use the BlueBoard with Bandhelper app to scroll thru leadsheets.But sometime I use it also for the kemper. Have a look:

Hello from Greece

Welcome to the forum!

Granular processing

DonPetersen wrote:

warning: going down this road will lead to lack of sleep, time loss and possible the acquisition of a modular synth in the near future

Robrecht beat me to it, but your warning is entirely-appropriate, Don.

Synth heads know all-too-well that modular hardware is the rabbit hole of all rabbit holes. The mother hole, so to speak…

Set effects independent of tempo

Yes. I typically don’t use Chorus, Flange, Phaser etc in rhythm with the track but more as a random tone change.

Effects live performance

I’m not a big reverb or delay user either. I just used the ping pong delay as an extreme example of the danger of using a mono cabinet without first setting the output to send a summed signal. There was a thread recently on the Facebook user group where it was clear many people weren’t even aware there was a mono option and some thought that just using the Left Main output automatically summed the signal to mono -which it doesn’t.

parameters for a smoother solo sound…

Here is my routine to take any profile to lead tone :

back up definition , reduce clarity , add a delay ( own preset ) , tap to song tempo, double the verb length ( from 4 /5 to 10 /12 ). Most often there is also an hint of vintage chorus ( much better for the whole mix) .

I often add a parked wah ( in mid or high freq boost depending on the mix ) or use the wah normally.

I also setup my real fuzz / boost in front with a similar setup like the Lead booster, but with a hint of dist / fuzz. I also try to double or harmonize my leads with two takes , sometimes an octave or 3rd / 5th above.

This is how my leads profiles are made & stored in perf mode. The whole approach is similar to 80’s analog racks ( that I never owned !) , much more simple now

lead example on one of my rock track : here , from 2:30

Any suggestions for more SUSTAIN please?

Gforce guitar wrote:

Yes I talked about ”woman tone ” in this discussion… the distortion serve the sustain but if you rolled down the tone you cut the distortion frequencies … its less agressive … you can use it in a gentle ballad…. I dont call it distortion then

rolling down the tone control cuts the high frequency content, but the mids, lo-mids, low frequencies still distort or saturate.It is still distortion, not calling it that only complicates the issue.

any downsides to using a Ground Control pro pedal board??

I have an RJM Mastermind midi controller which works in the same way as the Ground Control. It is massively flexible and can do things the remote can’t if you need to control the KpA and other midi gear together. However, even with the RJM editor and pre assigned midi CC numbers etc it is still a bit of work to get it wrking woth the KPA. In the end I bought a used Remote as well. I now use the Rempte all the time just for ease of use.

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