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Free Marshall 30th Anniversary head to Bogner 4×12 cab profile.

I profiled the rig we are using for a studio session today.
Nice crunchy drive…bbfb1d744d42d910800c1d623

2018: Still awesome!!!

Thank you so much. o/

I have a friend that plays in 2 tribute bands, and…

He plays in a Smiths tribute band and an REM tribute band. He has been resistant to trying the Kemper, but the recent video from @jemdave13 has gotten his attention.
He wants to come over and check out some rigs that would work for covering these two groups. I am not that familiar with the music, so I need some help.
Can you suggest some profiles and effects that would satisfy a true tube snob, tone geek? Entire rigs would be even better.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

NIGHTWISH / Dark Passion Play tones

Hi people, hope you’re all well.
I heard a rumour that Emppu Vuorinen, from the band ‘Nightwish’ is now using a Kemper live & studio. I don’t know if this is true. Anyhow, I’m looking for his tone. Specifically, the tone used on ‘7 days to the wolves’ off of the album ‘Dark passion Play’.
I have tried to re-create the tone. It sounds ok, but not great.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Bogner ATMA

Hello! after heraing a Bogner ATMA on youtube I was just about to order one!!! i sounds amazing!! just the fat jucy big tone i like!!
i have searched on Exchange on Atma, and i found it! a bit of tweaking and adding my favourite settings on delay and reverb..just subtile.. It was right there!!! This amp even sings without reverb! I dont think i need to buy the amp!!!
i have made a download on Face book, Kemper group.. i can link here when it gets downloaded

Free post-metal/rock/ambient tones

Here profiles sound examples in the mix:

Morgan AC 20 by Rhett Shull

Just came across these Morgan AC20 deluxe profiles on the rig exchange I have to say they are pretty damn good.

DG30 Profile

One of the many things I love about the KPA is the ability to audition amps to see if they’re in the sonic ballpark, so to speak. I’ve been intrigued for a while now by the PRS DG30. It’s not available on the RE. Anyone know of a profile for this?

1st time – Couple of “GrandMeister Deluxe 40” Profiles

Just made and uploaded my 1st Profiles!!!!
GM-40 Crunch and GM-40 Lead.
Please try them out and tell me what you think!

Another Fender Princeton 65 Reissue

Finally got around to profiling my most favorite practice amp. The Fender Princeton 65 reissue with the 10′ Jensen Alnico speaker.
There’s quite a few different Princeton’s already on the Rig Exchange but I thought I’d give myself a “shout out” because I’m pleased with how these have turned out.
I successfully translated the joy I have playing this amp to profiles. They are called.
Prince Brownie CLN
Prince Brownie DIRT

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