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Santana knob settings, Mesa Boogie Mark I (reissue) with Altec 417B and Shure KSM32

I posted another version of this rig in another forum but this is probably the right forum to continue the discussion.

This is another of my efforts to get a pre-Dumble Santana tone using gear as similar to his as I can. I used his knob settings as much as possible (given the volume). This profile is very touch sensitive, responds well to volume/tone knob changes, and is a little smoother than the other one I uploaded the other day because of the different speaker. Notes seem to “pop” a bit more with this profile than with the other.

The filename is MBmk1ri Carlos v3 – 2018-11-14 18-13-34.kipr and I’ve put it on the Rig Exchange.

Anyone got a Randall Doom EOD 88 to profile ? or some profiles ?

Hi, I’m found of stoner tones, and I’d like to get my hands on these profiles ,

So has any of you that great Randall ? Did you manage to get profiles out of it ?


Five free effects presets I came up with, including improv video of presets

The dropbox link is in the description.

My Vox AC15 Heritage

Search this: AC15H1TV JUMP

New Free Orange AD30R profile!

New Orange AD30R profile available in the exchange!

Diesel VH4 boosted by Ibanez TS9

You can download the profile from the rig exchange, look for Dzl VH4 4×12 TS9 B.

Free EBS Reidmar 250 and Laney HCM30B bass amp proiles

I’ve loaded up profiles of my two solid state bass amps. I’ve put up both DI and miced cab profiles to the Rig Exchange. The EBS Reidmar 250 using two EBS 1×12’’ cabs and the Laney HardCore Max 30B is a 1×10’’ combo practice amp. The profiles are mostly clean, but I pushed the gain on the Reidmar profiles that I named OD in a Dazed and confused sense and a bit less on the Rage, as in Rage Against the Machine. Hope you enjoy them🙂

Friedman Steve Stevens 100 DI profiles up.

JuLai do you have that SS100 profile to share? Sounds amazing!

tills free cabs

hi kemperland

anyone have tills cab pack the free one I can’t find it anywhere.

Free GoT EVH STEALTH profile as voted for by the unofficial Facebook group

Quote from MustBeWasabi

Thanks!Just for clarification…the red channel has more gain than the blue right?

That’s correct…sorry for the massively late reply by-the-by!!

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