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Beautiful Orange and Marshall crunch profiles

Thank you!


Any rigs free available for Satriani sounds ? Prefer the Surfing with the Alien era. Any guidance is greatly appreciated. Sorry I’m a new Kemper user. The patches and presets are known as Rigs in the Kemper world I think. Just getting used to the jargon. Thanks, Ben

Marshall 1980 100 watt JMP Jose Arredondo Mod NW Profile added

Is the file removed? I can’t find it

Spirit in the Sky

Has anybody managed to build a profile to replicate the “farty” fuzz sound on Norman Greenbaum’s classic Spirit in the Sky?
It has been rumoured previously that he had some sort of home-made fuzz circuit built directly into his guitar I understand it’s not a branded pedal that gave the really weird distortion.
Any clues would be much appreciated!!

MultiWatt Mesa Triple Rectifier with Fane F70! New 9-14-19

Thanks Marc for the interest!

Just uploaded a rig to the first post of this thread for everyone to try.

I was testing out the Fane F70 speaker that just arrived.

Let me know what you think guys!

All the Best,

New Mark V profile Available in the exchange!

New Mark V profile Available in the exchange!

A pet peeve and gripe…

The Kemper is such and amazing piece of gear, it really captures the essence of an amps tone… real amp tone. Why do people insist on profiling the modelers? When I go through the rig exchange I’d like to be able to know that what I’m getting is a real amp profile not somebody’s interpretation of that amp. Okay rant/gripe done.

Thanks again Tone Junky

In case you guys missed it, TJ put some great profiles of a Griz 30 on the R.E.

Request: Verellen (Skyhammer) profiles.


New Orange Rockerverb Available in the exchange!

New Orange Rockerverb available in the exchange!

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