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Mesa Mark V to Zilla

Thank you!

Marshall Studio Classic w/Mod gain with 45 different cabinets

Yes, that is right I said 45 different cabinets!
The amp is the same on all of these. Studio Classic with Master on 3 and gain on 6.
All of these are Zombiecabs Impulse Responses.
I created these IRs. I’m one of the owners of Zombiecabs.
Most are using 3 mics- a ribbon, Sm57 and a room mic.
All of them with the “Bog/OR” in the name are a mix of two 412 cabs, the same cab on all profiles but with different mics. 57, MD421, E609 etc so you can hear all mics available.
Finally, there are two with the name ending in “RM1” & “RM2” which are just room mics. RM1- Telefunken M81-SH and RM2 Neuman TLM102
DL them all so you can check out those Zombiecabs IRs.
Author “M ROE”

Ghost profile tone matching

So I’ve seen a few people in searches popping up from this forum and Reddit asking about Ghost profiles. The closest I’ve personally gotten is with modified JCM800 and Orange Rockerverb profiles. So to answer a few questions for myself and others I did a quick cover of Dance Macabre. Mistakes are present and it’s just a quick dirty mix and I messed around with a harmony on the last solo. I used the STL Tones Lee Malia pack Orange Rockerverb 100 Mkii TS808 profile (So not a free profile). The key to getting where close was adding power sag, adjusting the definition and adding a fair amount of clarity along with a bit of EQ. From seeing them live it sounds like one guitar player (black guitar) is cutting mids while the other guitarist (white guitar) is boosting mids so that’s where I went with it. If you are trying to get a tone for these guys I suggest finding a good Rockerverb profile and getting into the Amplifier menu and start adjusting. They are using Axe FX 3’s live and quite honestly I always get the feeling that the Axe FX sounds dry (tighter?) compared to the Kemper which is where I found the clarity option helpful. Here’s a clip of what I got out of the experiment. If you have the Lee Malia profiles my settings are on the soundcloud link in the description. Good luck and have fun on the tone search guys and girls.

Moderator Notice:In most cases, Soundcloud uses a bandwidth of only 128 kbps. As a result, what you hear isn’t free of artefacts, especially the high end. For critical listening and also product comparison, please keep that in mind. Users who setup a comparison should use linear wave files and supply dropbox links.

I think you’ll like this one… JVM410H

Didn’t take you long to get stuck into it, AJ; thanks mate.

I can’t test it any time soon, but curious:
Did you specify the channel (eg. OD Orange) in the metadata? Obviously really important for this amp ’cause it’s such a chameleon.

JCM 800 2 channel to Marshall 2×12 cab. Full set

A free full set of profiles of my new JCM800 2 channel 50 watt to Marshall 2×12 V30 cab.

Free Profiles – Ceriatone Plexi50 Bass through vintage Celestion & Cerwin Vega speakers

Hey folks,

A few years ago I posted some profiles of a 1973 Marshall model 1986. It is an amp that I inherited from my father and wanted to keep in it’s current state as long as possible. In other words, not an amp that I would gig out with. Enter my Ceriatone Plexi50 Bass. Same circuit, and I don’t schlepping it around.

I wanted to make some profiles of that amp, because I’ll be swapping out the stock output transformer and choke with new ones that Chris Merren has wound for me. Looking forward to that.

The amp is played through a 2×12 open back cabinet that I’ve built. The speakers are 1973 Celestion G12H-55Hz & an early 1970’s Cerwin Vega ER123.

Going for some classic tones. Hope you enjoy.…hXKwlNpL6PwMPJgKg32a?dl=0

Marshall SV20H “JIMI JIMMY” plexi tone that works well with SC/HB

Thank you!

Periphery 4 style tones/profiles

Hey guys. I’m currently chasing the lead tones from P4. Do any of you guys have some profiles you’d like to share? Thanks

Boogie and Watkins profiles

I’m fairly new to the Kemper club. I was saving for a Mesa Boogie 5:50 plus and took a chance on a Kemper instead. Absolutely loving it. Anyway, a few weeks after owning it I got a little time to test out profiling and did a clean and dirty channel profile of my Boogie Studio 22+. A friend had left a 60’s Watkins Clubman combo at my studio so I thought I’d profile that as well, just to see how to go about it. I uploaded them to Rig Exchange but only just noticed a forum section so thought I’d post their names here to see what people think.
All mics, speakers etc are in the data of the profiles. Hope someone may find a use for them:

OCT-Boogie 22+ Clean 1
OCT-Boogie 22+ Dirt 1
OCT-Watkins Clubman

[CiliLab] – EVH 5153 Black Stealth 6L6 profile

Here’s a free profile based on EVH 5153 Black Stealth with Friedman 4×12 cab.

The pack will be released soon, this one is to try it out.

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