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Free 1965 Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve 1965

Thank you, love the Silvertones. Can’t wait to get home and try.

Mesa Fillmore profiles

Just a pointer to some really nice Mesa Fillmore 50 profiles on Rig Exchange. Courtesy of Robin A Weisgerber. This amp is a recent Mesa Boogie 2 channel amp going for a Fender Deluxe Reverb vibe.

The ones I have been working with are of the clean channel and one mentions a Neve 1073 mic pre. These are crystal clear and sound fantastic with single coils and mod/time FX. I see Sean Sova has done some of this amp which he mentions in the commercial page but, in the words of one famous Australian, do yourselves a favour and check out these excellent freebies on RE.

Need help to make some profiles

Like the title says, i need your best tips on profiling an amp, miked and direct.
I have a collection of old Laney supergroup amps, thirteen heads ranging from 1968 to 71, 60 to 200 watts, every possible combination of speakers the original cabinets came with ranging from 68 to 70 and so on.
So i have a _lot_ of work to do and i want to do it the best i can, mainly for myself as that is _my_ tone, but also for other people to enjoy too, because there are literally no profiles of these in RM and everybody loves the old Sabbath tones right? :’)

So the tldr, need seriously good tips i tried twice direct and failed so let me know what to do.

I got a $30 Joyo Box

And I decided to see how Kemper would like it. It’s called and AC Tone. I noticed others had profiled it but not like I did all cranked up.
It sounds pretty cool, Kinda Brian Mayish.
If you want to check it out it is called
in Rig Exchange.

I am searching some Ricks

Hello Jeff,

Thank you for the recommendation, I will search there, but I had a little bit of hope that somebody could directly tell me some recommendations, so that I don’t have to search through the hole Rig manager.

Have a nice evening!

Recommendations for metal tones…..

Well after a couple hours of hanging out at the Kemper booth at NAMM last year I finally purchased the Profiler Power Rack. Pretty much got most of it working just need to get into the flow of it more….

I downloaded the RIG Manager and was blown away at how many RIG profiles there are…. I am looking for some profiles for metal that have a tight bottom end and sound wide like running through a thick 4×12. I also wanted something with a little flanger movement in it as well…

Tough questions but someone recommend some or at least the authors who tend to have that kind of tone?



What are your favorite FREE “verge of breakup” Rigs?

What are your favorite FREE “verge of breakup” Rigs? And, equally important, what kind of guitar and pick ups are you using to get the sound?

Please only mention free rigs, Kemper factory Rigs, and Riggs from Kemper rig packs in this thread. I will make a separate post for commercial rigs. Thanks!

Hughes & Kettner Switchblade 50W Combo (Direct Profiles)

Hi All,

I ordered a Kemper DI Box and made my first profiles. Since I usually use direct profiles i don’t go through the hassle of mics etc. since there are very good IRs available.

If you like them, great, if you know how i could make them better, please tell me. I didn’t quite figure out how the connected cabs influence the load comming from the amp – e.g. in the beginning, i always ended up with distorted profiles even when all was set up clen (amp and profile settings)

Cheers, Chris

Sirius Sound Lab – Bogner Metropolis / Mesa Royal Atlantic / Framus Dragon Packs


Sirius Sound Lab – Modern Metal Pack (Fortin 33 + Klirrton Lichtbringer)

Hi folks,some fresh profiles for you metal aficionados!A modern metal pack, containing profiles of several amps, pure and boosted with a Fortin 33 or a Klirrton Lichtbringer pedal:Bogner ÜberschallDiezel HerbertDiezel VH4Mesa Dual RectifierPeavey 6505The *** versions are brighter than the ** versions.As always, these are pure unedited studio profiles, so tweak to taste!click here, to get these brutal tones -> MODERN METAL PACK

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